General Thread - Build Help


As far as F2P physicals (0 L-Ms at all), that is the best it gets.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very effective even if it consists of only E-M items.


Sorry to ask But I really need some help, I’m using a Dual Anni Build that gets Utterly annihilated against Elec but can do just fine with Heat

Zarkares Lvl 43

Anni #1 MAXED

Anni #2 Lvl 31

Iron Boots MAXED

Night Eagle Lvl 43

Module Heat Lvl 26 and 25 (Legend)

Cooling Mass Booster Lvl 20 (Legend)

3 Epic Plates MAXED

HP 2018
Energy 262/98
Heat 451/216
Resistance are 42, 34 33

Should I replace Zark with a Maxed Windigo and add some Energy to replace that lvl 31 Anni or just more HP?


I would say remove one ani for a nightfall. Switch up your mods, this is what I run on mine

It serves me well, but I’m thinking of adding another energy engine if I drop one. Resist for me is useless given it’s not the myth one. I also have 11% on the energy capacity skill in arena shop.


Okay, Thanks for the Tip, Really helped a lot


No problem mateo!


Solid build. Id let go one plate for another energy engine and switch the heat cooler for an engine… or maybe 2 energy engines, keeping just 2 heat. Depend on your style and 2nd build


That’s something I’ve been debating on doing. But my luck with engines these last few weeks has been short of amazing. It’d help with energies since I’m unlucky with them. But I’m worried it’ll leave me open to heaters.

I’ll keep this in mind if I drop one. Would likely help me out more. As for my second (old main), it’s a heater/physical Hybrid. Atm I’m just using it as a meat shield for higher hp physicals/heaters.

Atm it’s quite a mess since I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it. Having trouble prepping this baby. But it’s served me well against just about every type.


Well with zarkares and 2 heat engines (some arena buffs as well) you can get close to 540/240 heat stats. Wich is quite ok if well managed… 4 energy engines is what you need to give op elecs a run for their money.
As for your sexond build. I have no idea, can go in many different directions… depends what you have in inventory and you rplaying style…


That is what I was thinking of doing. Just two heat engines with zark + buffs. But due to energy engines not dropping, it’s been an issue. Although 4 engines is quite the insane mod set up. But I’ll give it a go. Might help me last longer against energies.

And my second, is quite the mess for many reasons. I don’t mind it’s hybrid-ness but it’s best for Rank 3 at best (highest I got with it when 1v1 was a thing).

I may take a page out of top physical players (yourself included) and run dual Physicals until I can get my hybrid under control. Anywho thanks for the tips, definitely gonna put em to use when I can.


NP. If you have the items i advice: 2 identical to your first build (with 2 plates, 4 energy engines and 2 heat engines) and a third hp fortress build with equivalent guns, one heat engine and as many plates as you can fit in; anti phys build…


This I can definitely give a go. Although a third mech atm will have to wait given I’m not farming as crazy as I used to. I’ve given fortress builds a thought before (refer to L4s 2300 hp mech for example although a little different).


Thats what you should target if you want to go full physicist without plat plates…


Will do boss!


Come on mate. These are small advices. Youre a good player and have good bases, just triying to help you focusing a little is all i did.


I appreciate the advice, more so than I let on about. But it’s me, I’m not one to typically ask for help with builds. So any advice, be it a small or large change. Benefits me (and my motivation) quite a bit!


I noticed you never asked any help… but ive been there and made many many mistakes resulting in waste of items and time. I maxed up things, to drop them later on, used them as food for others, to finally max it another time. Like brutality torso. Might be my third one (and only one surviving)… dumbness and lack of patience…


I’ve done this quite a few times before, with vandal, NF (old one), windigo. Man I regretted it, but eh it’s behind me. It’s really just another lesson, think before you upgrade anything. Hence why I’ve been holding off on upgrading some things. Good lesson tbh


I need some help with my phys.
On the right you can see all the mods that are available to use.

I’ve seen similar builds without the night eagle, but I don’t feel like dropping it would help me much.
I have biggest problems at range 1, so I guess I should change the nightfall for annihilation, but then I can’t get any reasonable mods layout. halp


I don’t think tha layout is the problem. It looks amazing. I just think it’s the strategy you use that could be more helpful to you…

My opinion. Could be wrong


maybe a knock back weapon is that night fall a mythical