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I would say that you will remove the nighfall for an annihilation, since that way you can fight a little more with the energy types… :slight_smile:


Switch at least one heat module for a cooling booster… it’s lighter too


Exact friend I forgot to say that xD


I have started my Heat mech as my third mech (Energy first, Physical second…which I may soon post here) and so can anyone of the top mechanics give me tips and types of layouts and weapons I should use? I am currently using a Nemo drone.

My man @transcendant is currently banned whom is a big tip giver


You need more hp. A heat mech with less than 1,600 hp is useless.


So if I remove an energy engine for a hp plate?


Yes. With 2 plates and a Zarkares torso, at max myth you can get over 1,900 hp.


Yeah, just over… perfect. Thanks for your contribution.

Anything else?


That’s all I got for now.


Fanks man
I’m a little inexperienced in heat


Okay guys which one heat mech or energy I all ready have a phy mech


Energy all the way. What kind of question is that?


anything I can do to improve this mech?don’t tell me upgrade the cooling mod because I use it for my GOAT mech lol
should I go back to lightning supporters?


Upgrade your cooling mod


maybe after the GOAT tournament lol




Since you have the claw you dont need hp plates. 4 energy engines and 4 heat engines will do the trick. As for weapons, I recommend ultra-bright instead of hungering beam, as once they are energy broken you can use the ultrabright for high damage.
And thats about it.


Lucky boi.

Claw and all




calling to all phys mech masters out there

is this a good layout?

utilities are void+hook and charge