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Excellent mate. Forget not: Cooling is everything.


Trust me. I know. :grin:


Damn that’s a lot of cooling


That level of heat is very low, Gorgon! You have to know how to handle that. If you tell the guy or anyone who sets that heat level, they will reheat him! You have to have “waist” to handle that level of heat (and you know how to do it) and even then sometimes you can fail.

Also, what makes this heat model good is the amount of HP, but all do not have as many HP plates …!


Don’t worry, I’ve seen gorgons build firsthand. It’s godly.

And Magic is a good player, I’m sure he could replicate that to some extent, if not completely


Gorgon’s build is so tanky it can handle constant overheats. I’ve seen it in action; it really is pretty darn good.

And I can, and probably will, replicate it in the near future. Or at least build something similar.


I can actually replicate that.

Problem is, that Im a poor, POOREST Top F2P


If you know when you need cool it manually, is good, yes. And if u have 4 PP.


8 PP. and I’ve got phys cool down strats down pretty good, so it shouldn’t be an issue.


The issue is that with a good level of cooling (I must clarify that the first player I saw using 3 cooling mass booster was Rovolution) … I said that if you have good cooling it´s likely that your mech does not overheat and lose turns. But, if the max heat is low, when you face another heat you will most likely lose 1 shot even if you cool manually. And depending on your location in the field, that may or may not be important.

I have got more than 400 cooling and more than 460 of max heat and even then you must at some point cool manually and still lose some shot. Now, with 3,000 HP you can afford to lose shots, because they will hardly reach you (you can lose with phys, that’s why Gorgon has an energy, to scare the phys).


swap one of your energy mass boosters for a savior resistance.


My current Physical build, the Face Shocker is Short Ranger / Tonto.

2nd module setup, gives higher cooling than cap :sweat_smile:

So, is it alright? And what to change?


It’s meant to be an anti-phys / heat, right? Maybe replace the Falcon for something else? I dunno. I kinda suck at building.


If replace, I’ll remove the extra Mass Booster and replace it with Bloodweep. Good choice.

Although, I rather want to keep my enemies at bay, I need Range Control for Short Ranger.


Yay! I gave mediocre advice! It’s an improvement!


You need night eagle to use shorty, but otherwise it looks pretty good.


I was thinking of doing that, but I dont wanna throw Spartan away lol


@cyanine Shockwave is good for this build? I’m thinking of puting him there in the place of Windforge,but don’t have space enough…What can i do?I know shockwave don’t have the better damage but i wanted him more for the push fact to keep huggers and physicals away…
PS:I know Shock weight more than FS, if possible can you help me?


Hmm. Try replacing bunker with a scope perhaps? Shockwave is great for using those.


I was thinking about remove the more heavy, last words, but i think i’m gonna get weak at range 2 :confused: