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First off though, what does it look like?


if you scroll up… its there


Can someone give me the link of the simulator?


Wait a minute…


@lordgorgon? btw I dont use hook that often


No res = no go

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i have no myth res wtf


Face shocker are fantastic.
Their drain will help you in circumstances you do not expect to get away with.



Hello all,
It has been a while since I posted here as I have been given ideas for many potential builds already. That being said, there are still two ideas that I want to solidify with the help of this community. Those two ideas are of a Heater build and a Drainer build. I have been given an idea for a melee-style heat build with a Burning Shower and two types of Energy builds but I have yet to come up with a good idea for a pure heater or pure drainer build.

Some parameters that I have been considering are using the Heat Bomb on the Heater and also to have the Heater be Anti-Phys / Energy and for the Drainer to be Anti-Phys / Heat (the antithesis of each other, essentially).

I would really appreciate the help as I do not have access to Killin’s Workshop anymore nor do I have the time to map out potential builds from scratch using the raw numbers.

Thank you very much,


I have so many disagreement about that build that my comments wouldnt be relevant…


I was mainly referring to you guys, @cyanine, @lordgorgon and @Winz_Kay for assistance as I believe I could get the most beneficial advice from you three.


Pm me mate.


Which mech should I use (want to build a new one):


with Iron Grappling Hook


with Iron Grappling Hook


with Smoldering Grappling Hook

  • mech 1
  • mech 2
  • mech 3

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Thank you David_Jojua for your help


no problem.
but i still dont understand the changes


Oh I thought you were Yeet for a second.


the weapons are different and the modules, first one has for example EMP and one module less


none are good.
i think grim cobra is useless.


How could I do better?


i think the 2nd mech would be better if you used hysteria instead of grim.
valiant would be good but i think you are going for a f2p mech so hysteria it is.