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Should I myth Last Words? I have malice beam mythed and a mythed energy torso and lots of energy. And the legy claw is on this mech


i think you should myth your claw first, its really useful because of its health
if you have a physical mech


I don’t have a physical mech


then myth last words


This build seem like…

Not mine


Okay, I am taking the time to post this up. I am looking for help. And yes I did buy that mech on black Friday for 50 dollars but everything else including the flaming scope and supreme cannon are f2p. I did buy a charge module also but everything was grinding out a year of play my goal was to get to rank 10. I am reliably there although it is much harder then it was 6 months ago.


I removed most of my weapons so that you could perhaps see them better but my questions are as follows what should i myth?

  • Flaminator
  • Last Words
  • Heronmark
  • Brutality
  • Claw
  • Emp
  • Heatbomb
  • Heat module
  • Energy module

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What is this supposed to show ? ^^


Utilities: Tonto, phys hook, charge

I’m not sure about the torso, should I still use Lava Jacket or switch with Avenger ?
(and ditch an utility to make room)

Keep in mind I don’t want to change module or weapon setup, along with keeping Tonto if possible ^^

Also, this mech is supposed to a pure anti-Phys, with a lil bit of heat to not shutdown itself that much…

(My arena Shop bonus are 9% for all core stats, except HP on +150 or +180)


Keep the Molten plat, and you’re going to want to try to make a mech to counter 2 types instead of just one.


No I don’t, since I already have an Anti-Heat/Energy mech…^^

I just need a Claw for it to be REALLY effective ^^ (along some boosting…)


I said “you’re going to want”, just because you don’t want it at rank 8 or something doesn’t mean it won’t be useful if you ever make it to the higher ranks like rank 4+ where you will need a pys/en counter, a pys/heat counter, and an en/heat counter to have successful counter mechs.


Dark is right. Lava jacket is a better torso to use than avenger, for future utility as well as current effectiveness. And having pure counters won’t get the job done in higher ranks.


@Darkstare @magicmech20

I don’t focus on reaching top ranks :joy_cat:
I simply focus on building mechs that synergize with my main…(pretty tricky)

(and if anyone wonder, I’m rank 9-8 steadily)

But thanks for the advices for the torso, I was unsure ^^


If I may ask, what is your IGN? I may seem to been have forgotten it. :sweat_smile:



That’s all XD

@cyanine why you asked ? ^^



Simply that ?

I though you wanted to search me in arena or something, but you forgot it ^^

Anyway ^^


Yes, simply that. I don’t like forgetting the names of forum-friendos.


what should i do for my future anti heat??