General Thread - Build Help


If you don’t have enough cooling you gonna overheat yourself, so cooling comes first.


What do you think about it guys? (It is meant to never fight energy mechs)


looking for some build help on my 2 new mechs.

i stripped my heat mech for its modules to grind on campaign

look in between the photos so you know what happened to the modules.

both are a work in progress. used to be alot worse.


i am thinking about these. but im unsure.


Good weapons for the most part on your first mech. I would recommend removing the Night Eagle for something a bit more practical. Also, definitely replace that Revenant Torso with something more viable because it only goes to Legendary and that is not viable at all. I can see that you’re working on your Module setup but you should absolutely be using more practical E-M or L-M Engines and Boosters. I do not know what Drone you are using on your first mech but as long as it is something like the Void or the two new Physical Drones, you’re fine.

I can tell that your second mech is a WIP but you really should capitalize on better Modules and etc. In general, you could replace the Legs with Iron Boots as they give more Health. Along with this, because you have a Burning Shower (great for you! It’s excellent!), I would recommend close-range Heat weapons with Knockback effects (the Supreme Cannon is a great start) (Other examples include: Magma Blast, Reckoning, Abomination, Flaming Hammer, etc) as such weapons synergize very well with the Burning Shower. The Corrupt Light seems a bit redundant IMO and I would also recommend replacing the Nightmare Torso with a Zark or Brutality when you get it (also MPV if you get a Physical Resistance Module).


working on that. i know it goes to legendary.

maxed legendary void for my physical. nothing on my heat yet

if im ever lucky enough to get those as a f2p lol

yes. if im lucky to get it again as well :joy:


so… would this be a good setup?


i just now noticed this :joy:
killin was here


i dont think armour disolver is necesary.
you could remove that for something like heatpoint (if you have enough space after removing armour disolver)


Replace Nemo for Heatpoint, remove Armor Dissolver, Add some Energy, Replace Legs for Physical ones for the HP, Remove Corrupt Light (a bit redundant here), remove Dual Teleporter in favor of a max level common one (you don’t need to TPs on that mech because it covers so much range)



how’s this


Maybe a bit more Regen? That being said, this is a great improvement!


Drop the tp and change all 3 storage to engines perhaps?

Or drop the hook since you have no range 1 weapons.




Maybe a Phys Resist instead of Heat? The build is basically perfect though.






im wanting to make another anti heat.


and considering the fact i got a spartan carnage… also anti phys and electric if possible


I got a claw should I put in my mech?