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Actually, he can’t switch to Brut or Zark without changing weapon/module/utility setup because of overweight risk…


Ok, So it is now my turn to ask for build help, as we all know with players becoming stronger we need to try out new builds, so i was wondering if these builds would work?


Mech 1:
Very weak against energy, very weak against heat, very weak against phys.

Mech 2:
Very weak against energy, very weak against heat. It’s good against phys but you have a weak spot in range 2 and 3. You’re also using Reckless Beam which has no beneficial aspects like res drain.


Well i guess its to a new type of counter builds


I’m pretty sure you maxed the grave diggers for the titan hugger…


Yes, My titan hugger idea will work XD, Rip Physical titan


The first mech works fine, although the energy can be drained by some mythical opponents rather quickly, and the engine fried by some mythical opponents in a similar manner.
Resistance wasn’t too big a deal, as long as you keep your output high.
Second mech had rather weak cooling.


I can drain this mech with energy in one round …
@DuduSantos You’ll be fine.

Most heat bots don’t have really good energy, and most electrical bots don’t have much heat output.
Unless they are not usual people (ex. a heat bot using 2 mythical Hot Flash…)
Those were rare.
It’s the lesson I learned after … making at least 7 builds.


I am only rank 12…


wait until you see mine (just need to max naga).


Torment vs faceshocker?


Anything is better than torment.


Depends on build…

@Chicken_Drink I’m sure Torment could be useful on a build focusing on Cap Cutting…
You could almost forget about the Regen value…


Got my very first legendary fortune chest and got Mortal Bullet from it.

How do these builds look using it and my current parts? I am trying to decide between Clash for consistent dmg and drain vs Faceshocker for high dmg and drain for a limited time.

Build 1:

Build 2:


build 1 is better.snack is outclassed by faceshocker.
also imo lightning supporters<sparked runners.


It is, but I have won quite a few matches due to DPS drop off on the opponent’s side due to them losing their 3 turn drone, which makes me a bit leary of it. The struggle… lol

Edit: Also yeah, sorry about that @David_Jojua. I was editing the post as you replied. Yeah I prefer the runners to the supporters for their extra move as well, but thought some extra hp from the weight saving would be nice.


Generally what is better for a heater. Heat engine or mass cooling booster?

What about


Heat engine


(has 2 tele)


(has no 2 tele which i hate)


(current build and has 2 tele. favorite and doing good atm)

  • 1st with BB
  • 2nd without Flacno
  • 3rd without Bloodcry
  • 4th with extinction beam

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I know my energy sucks but box shop is broken.