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OK :stuck_out_tongue:


Weapons are :

  • Viking Hammer
  • Last Words
  • Bunkershell
  • GrimCobra
  • Face Shocker
  • Teleport
  • Hook

You can replace Maximum Protector with SuperCharge Protector, then either add the Energy Resistance Drain or a Charge Engine.

I’m sorry I can’t stick with your build.


yeah that weapon setup is weak dudu

gotta have either a vs or bunkers


I hadn’t even noticed the increased energy cost of epic teleporter, I was just thinking about boosting the dmg lol. Will work n the rest of it though, thanks :slight_smile:


The weapon setup itself works wonder, the problem really is the weight of some guns :sweat_smile:


what is this weapon called and its mythical stats plz image


I believe that is the Heronmark

HERONMARK(L) (43) 1-2 Range 193-311 ExDmg 78 HeatDmg -9 ExRes 1 Jump (13/50 Cost)


Heronmark. For stats check out the Maxed Mythicals thread in #supermechs:general-discussions.


must be lucky then

its hard to be in rank 3 and face all the max protector mechs with those weapons


I get to rank 4, not 3 :joy:


Void or Tonto/shortranger?


tonto for everything


Tonto if you can make it fit

  • tonto
  • void
  • something else (post bellow)

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The something else is Cosmo drone.


Help me with my mech. It has taken me this long to reliably hold 10.

Apparently I cant upload pictures yet because im new to the forum.
I have a heat mech and a energy mech. I have mythical heat legs and myth heat torso mid level.

I have mythical supreme cannon mythical flaming scope mythical corrupt light all mid level. Myth heat point mid level for my drone

For modules I have 3 legy heat engines 2 legy energy engines. A legy cooling mass booster and a legy energy mass booster.

The only things myth on the energy mech are the torso and a myth malice beam.



nightmare is a bad was made to be one of those bad stats low weight torsos but it isnt good.zark is a better torso.if you are careful you can even fit naga on the build.
i dont think the repulser is already have dynamite boots.if you want more hp use iron boots and keep the repulser.replace one of the heat engines with a hp plate.your hp is suffering.
those are just my thoughts.


I agree. Good analysis!




If you get brutality or Zark, you should replace the nightmare because it’s sort of sub optimal