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Raise the Heat… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Put more heat modules… Get the heat to 500 at least, and cooling 250…
Get rid of 2 Special items between grappling, charge, or teleport. I would recommend keeping teleport

You are set with weapon range. You won’t have to move at all.


The problem is, if i raise too much heat, i’m dead meat to energy too :joy:
Oh well, i’m stuck :sweat_smile:
In the meantime, i upgrade the other parts for the other project :slight_smile:


I would say keep the energy at 500


At higher ranks which i’m planning some energies have 700-800, the problem is that they always have a heat… maybe i should make a heat?



Might also want to switch torsos…


Remove charge and try to fit in 2 cooling boosters, mayby change one energy engine to storage


Yeah, i thought something with H.S.U. but the problem is to find those premium storages :joy:
Yeah, i made one with grimreaper:

What you think?


If i had those prem storages, hell yeah, but i don’t :frowning:

Still low cooling?
I want energy, but need to survive heat :frowning:




That one is good… Though not a fan of Grim… :rofl:


Yeah, i don’t like the big boobed mech, but well, it will have to do, maybe :sweat_smile:


Naga or Grim Reaper?


Wow, It actually does look like a BB…


low energy and cooling


Ah, really? i didn’t notice that yet, thanks for clarifying for me :joy: :roll_eyes:
I need one solution, not what i obviously already know :joy:


In your first build( with naga) you can change facecancer to windforge (if you have it) or to snack, drop charge -> put heat engine and coolingbooster


What the heck is with the Energy? That will not survive anything…


Are u sure about that ?


Yes. Not even a chance.