General Thread - Build Help


Im F2P so if you got weapon recommandations make sure they’re obtainable freely thx :wink:


Every weapon/item is obtainable freely. I got 4 Vals before I ever paid. You got any L-M weapons of any type, period?


Also i know this isnt the right thread, but looking for pretty good active clan (mine is 120, but doesn’t talk at all)


Nah don’t have any L-M weapons


@cyanine @Rovolution
Here you go ^^

Save this poor lost soul ^^

From my jack-of-all-trades (but still Phys-tilted) opinion, you might need a top weapon…

Also, can you show us your modules and special items please ? ^^


REVIAX! I will save your energy mech!

Well… Any spare energy items that reaches Mythical? :thinking:


Oh my the energy pro himself
got these weapons :
Side : Hot Flash, malice beam, viking hammer, blizzard dissolver, last words,
Top : Hysteria, grim cobra
Legs : Charged walkers, recoil stompers, lightning stompers,
Drones : Face shocker (equipped) , pretty much all other energy drones
Engines : Loads of every engine except L-M engines



Too bad WU is gone, but nothing can stop me.

Although, would you like Rounded or Pure-Energy?


I think you can use

Not as userfriendly, but still efficace ^^

You can go to “Arena” if you want a pic of your mech with myths…

The thing I’m unsure is if all the stats and items are up-to-date…^^


What are pros and cons of both @cyanine and im arena 10 if that makes one better then the other.


Rounded Pros

  • Can fight Energy, Heat and Physical.

  • Generally has no problems in all types.

  • Best thing to have in a line-up.

  • If you have 2 mechs, 2 roundeds will suit you.

Rounded Cons

  • If you’re fighting a mech focused a counter specifically to the weapons you have, you’re dead.
    (Ex: Your rounded has Energy weapons, enemy is Energy counter)

  • Generally has hard weapons and modules to find, but for Physicals, not so much.
    (Ex: Bulldog, Energy Storage Unit)

Pure-Energy Pros

  • Defeats other Energies quite easily.

  • Not easily drained by Valiants / EMP. Double Valiants or Valiant + EMP build may ruin it though.

  • Can also counter Physicals depending on module space, weight, and HP.

Pure-Energy Cons

  • Will die to ANY Heat Weapons met, especially by Heat Bomb. If you use Zarkares, you have a slight fighting chance, but still die to Heat Bombs.

  • Sometimes easily counterable by Phys, but again depends on your likings.

You choose.


Here are my mechs and the spare parts I currently have. I am a F2P player. Looking for advice on my current weapons setup, what I should focus on for next few myths, and my module setup in particular. Please no “get this super rare L-M premium item that you will most likely never ever ever get as a F2P player” advice (lol). Thanks :slight_smile:


Why not so much for Phys ? ^^


They seems good to me, just need some boosting…

What are the purposes of the 2 builds ? (rounded, anti-phys/energy/heat, etc)

I think I could help you a bit more by knowing this ^^


Basically I have built with what I have received thus far. You are looking at the best parts I have received as of yet. I would fucking love a solid phys build (especially since I am constantly getting stomped by phys builds at my current arena ranking), but I just don’t have the parts for it as of yet, so I went with a standard energy drainer and heater. That’s why I included my spare parts in the image, to show what parts I have outside of those currently used on my mechs. As you can see I don’t have shit to build a phys mech. I have opened about 30-40 (very disappointing) premium packs so far and this is what I have to work with. :confused:


You have a choice, either you go with a Phys build and you hope to outpower your opponent, or you try to build an anti-phys Drainer…

I would go for anti-phys Drainer mech…

  • Either you do an anti-phys/energy mech
  • Or you do a “Troll” (anti-phys/heat drainer) mech

If you go for the 1st option, I quote @cyanine then, it would be better…

If you go for the second one, you could try something as this to get an idea of how troll builds work…

Replace War Hammy with Viking Hammy ^^

And I quote @cyanine to help you with that too ^^


Mech 1: change energy booster to engine. Drop blizzard Dissolver. Change drone to Face Shocker. Drop charge engine if necessary.

Mech 2: drop one cooling booster, add an energy engine. Drop a plate, add an energy booster, change torso to Zarkares.

I also suggest using common teleports for lower cost but that’s up to you.


So I think a more pure energy oriented mech would fit me better as I lack all L-M weapons! Also that can sort of counter physical mechs.

As for my heat, mech I mean just tell me what a solid rounded heat would look like.

Correct me if Im wrong, but I think a pure energy combined with a solid heat that i can swap to save my energy mech’s ass when facing heats would fit me :grinning:


The types you choose are up to you, but swapping to get away from a counter rarely works - chances are your opponent will just swap too. That’s how counters work, for better or for worse.


@cyanine i wanna put a bit of heat(cap and cooling) on this guy… he’s my precious energy, but he’s always dying to stupid heatbomb… what i can change in his modules?