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i think it will work better than zark cus of the weight.heat weapons are the heaviest even though heat is the weakest type.
also i could use my maxed zark for a future phys mech.


Maybe you fought the wrong guys, with the right build it becomes very OP…


yes i did.
if you use flaminator on any buid you have no idea what you are doing.
or you are memeing.


No no, some builds use it as countermeasures, they are good but misused in wrong ways…like i said, the right build can destroy many things :slight_smile:


they were missused.

ok so this guy

can kill lord gorgon…
(yes i missinterpreted on purpose for a meme)


Sure, just know the right moves and bam, dead :joy:


@cyanine i’m having trouble to survive with this guys because any line of mechs i find has a heat mech, which is fãking killing me, can you help me on heat modules to put on this guy just so he can survive one HeatBomb?


Use Zarak


zankres isn t alway god


Dropping the charge will give you a cooling booster. That should help a bit.


The only maxed myth torsos I have is Grim and LPV, I don’t have even legendary archi, and also don’t have any premium modules except UH Protector and energy storage unit


So let’s say I hypothetically want to build an anti energy energy

For l-Ms I have supercharge, big daddy, spinefall and LPV

What’s my best bet? Something like this?

With hysteria?


Oops my bad that would be with spinefall


Not bad. Against energy you’ll do just fine, but phys and heat will mess you up. Dead range at 3 as well; iI’d suggest changing EMP to Last words and changing a module (engine probably) to a phys resist. Even if it’s only epic it’s better than nothing.


i have 2 max mythicals that is zarkares and corrupt light my rolling beasts are mythical 26/50,Flaming Hammer are mythical 1/50,dawnblaze are legendary 13/40 should i transform in mythical? and my savagery is 12/40 also my heatpoint is mythical 1/50 what should i improve im improving the heat and energy currently


Solid build there. Heat mods are perfect; with energy you need at least 3 engines, preferably 4, to do well. You have nothing at range 2 but I assume that’s from a lack of premium weapons; rolling beasts will help with that.


What do you think of mech?
I have done well with this build.


Replace the Capsule unit with an engine, it will be better on the long run…

Max legendary your modules

Max your weapons (save for Hbomb, need some heat to do so)

Now, my point of view on your mech:
the Molten Metal Jacket torso is made for anti-physical mechs…
and to be really effective, those counters need high HP and high resistance…
You lack both ^^

Other than that, idk, I don’t have maxed myth core stats for your build under the eyes…


I would…if… you know… I would of had 4 Magma Blasts!


Ok need help boys

First :slight_smile: