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lmao Cooling is fine.

What are the chances of your enemy going to overheat you fairly quickly anyways?


Although, can someone try this out for me?



WHat you have of phys legs besides rolling? and energy legs?


Dude. Stop using 3.0 Beta and posting it here :woman_facepalming:


Okay, so I took the advice from @Yeet and gave cooling over cap. Also took off a plate, losing 315 HP, but gaining a teleport, because often to scope someone you need to teleport (not really often, more like all of the time). Finally, I gave it some phys resist.


overkill on heat mods


You really need to scope some guys?


Scopes are just so good though. But yeah, more heat than is me essary there; drop an engine for heat resist and it’ll be a good bit better.


I have only iron boots, but they are for phys, rolling is needed for me on energy, without it it will be useless, and I don’t have any energy legs


i got a lvl 23 legend naga…
should i myth it?
will it be good on heat?


No,bad idea, really bad :frowning:


Do you have one PP? if not try putting one Archi instead of LPV,will reduce the resistance, but increase a bit the HP…


is naga good?


If you wanna be good, no.


Yes, i use one, and i love it :slight_smile:


If you don’t know how to use some torso, don’t say its bad.


what is it best on?i have seen a few heat builds with naga.


Could be because Naga is a bit lighter than some torsos, but its heat cap is really, really bad :confused:


well thats what i have my 2 legendary mass coolers and heat mod for.


Yeah, must be that the reason :slight_smile: