General Thread - Build Help


I agree. The avenger is trash. It had an advantage in hp before arena coins, the zarkares, and protector vests. Now it really does nothing well. It looks bad ass though.


I hope you realise you are using the legacy 1kg teleport?


Opps. Okay, so modified with suggestions and corrections, here we go again :slight_smile:


Try changing an energy booster to an engine. If you can, change the plate for a max protector. Switch Anni for NF and add a charge engine (optional, increases weakness to energies).


I’m pretty much basically fine with no Pull weapons on my build, because other players with Shortie will pull me anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

And IF they have no Shortie… Chances are, they mostly have much lower health than me, and I will scare them off with my Falcon, making them waste a move.

But, is that the final answer in the poll? Because if yes, I will max Night and Blood.


As far as I’m concerned, yes, it is.





the most balanced mech


The crazy thing is… #1 could work. Maybe not rank 1 material, but viable nonetheless.


I designed #1 to work.

But if you want a REAL demon, use this. It’s the best build on the house. :rofl:






Dunno if this is the right cooling for it


That’s a nightmarish mech…

Seriously the double heatbomb is kinda overkill


This mech is made to overheat you indefinitely.

But from what I saw from his Replays, he dies to Anti-Heat phys a bit too easily…


for this mech is very important to take the right position to attack. it is also difficult to deal with an opponent who has a lot of resistance


I need help with those two builds, I know energy one have freaking low HP but idk what to do

(Ofc instead of FS on phys mech should be short ranger)


So here is a modification to the totally annoying build that certain top rank people use (Cough Cough). I don’t really have to bother with it though, I’m only rank 9-7. Was wondering how it would work.(Scope would only work against non-energy unless you were lucky)


Zark is good for heat, for energy its MEH…


Where is the resistance though? you would be PHYSICAL FOOD EASILY…
And where is the cooling mai boi?


Energy is counter something?
What about physical? so i can help you kitty :slight_smile:


Remember, cooling over cap. Do what you want with the extra space, i reccomend a phys res module if you can try to fit it.


Energy is rounded anti phys, that’s why I use LPV not Grim which I also have, in future if I’ll be lucky enough I will replace LS with VS
Phys is totally anti heat, high HP, res, and 3 engines on zark