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Here’s a thougth of mine…
I tried to keep your setup the most complete possible…

This build is anti-heat oriented, which can still stay alive a bit against 2nd hand physical mechs…


Less heat, but better against phys due to resistance…

N.B. Both setup are not supposed to go against energy…
The Regen booster is just to have enough Regen to be sure you won’t be energy-broken by yourself…

P.N.B.I tried to not use premium items, since I don’t what you have ready…

P.P.N.B. I’m not a Heat player, you should ask advice from pros for that ^^

P.P.P.N.B. the “lack” of utility is not much a problem for me since Charge sends you in a blind spot, and range 1 is not the main location of the battle

P.P.P.P.N.B. From what I remember, ~1900/2000 HP is a minimum for elemental mechs in high ranks ^^

The other 2 mechs seems good for me ^^


Yes, that is why one is energy pure, the other phys balanced and the other pure heat(or almost)…


I made the second but just with ultrahot and one more plate, becomes a heat resistant 2000hpish mech… is it okay?Btw, any heat guy to recommend me?


what are the stats for a level 1 mythical saraph blade?




I mean, the 2 builds I showed you ^^

And for the heat guys, all I think of are @Rovolution @Wepwawet @El_Metre, but I might be wrong on their specialities…


I personally reccomend this:
Replace that heat bomb with a magma
2 engines and cooling booster is fine mod wise
Put on two more energy engines
I personally dont think flamewave is a good idea unless you have a flaming scope
take off charge, put on teleport
Replace savagery with desolation for more damage


look what i found during a battle, can you tell me the stats of them if you can remember or find it?: image


Just an legacy item…and it’s off topic fam.


I bet all of those items are legacies…

First mech:

  • Shooting top weapon: Engine Breaker (crush lots of heat cap)
  • Reckless beam: Ultranova or Meganova, I always have difficulties to differenciate them…
  • Annihilation: Needles Blaster
  • shotgun: Shotgun X Mk I
  • Torso: Galaxus model 1
  • legs: Thunder Stempede (not sure)

2nd picture:

  • Desert snake: (Adv.) Orb Launcher Mk 3
  • phys top weapon: Metal Bender Mk II or III (top weapon resistance shredder)
  • Ash Creator: Coldfire Mk 2
  • Reckoning: Magma Shotgun or Piercing Shotgun Mk 3
  • Axe: Electric Ax (not sure about the first word)
  • Torso: Glaxus model 2
  • legs: Steel Barricade (high damage with limited stomp uses legs)

And yes, it’s off-topic ^^


Lol thanks. This is pretty much what I figured out the hard way. Glad we came to the same conclusions.


Which is better?

Both builds have Short Ranger on. You can also give me YOUR builds and ideas. Remember, I’ll like it best if it has Double Teleporter on.

  • Mech with Bloodweep
  • Mech with absurd cooling

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I am working on my first phys mech. This is based off the parts I have on hand currently. How’s it look?


Reckless beam=no.

Add another nightfall.
Or anni if you want to kick some energy’s butt.


Will do. I just happen to have a second one. How about the drone? I also have that new Short Ranger.


I have no clue if you should use short.
Better not.


Opps, made a mistake. I don’t have a Nightfall. I have a Terror Cry.


The new short ranger is good, I have one on my anti energy phys. The mech isnt nearly done but here it is.


If you wanna use Short Ranger, Night Eagle is a must.


just switch to zark
i know i am gonna have people say “SoMe BuIlDs ArE bEtTeR wItHoUt ZaRkArEs”
but the heat and energy stats are much better
also reckless is bad even after the buff