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i want to upgrade the mods (i just got the energy regen mod)
savior resistance is usefull to me cus without it phys mechs will kill me faster
phys hammer is a placeholder
basalt is kinda useless
i do have a lvl 25 epic heat hook but it is just chip dmg and something to overheat the enemy by a little


16 resistance isn’t much…if you want to fight phys longer, you’re better using Physical protector, give more resistance and lighter (but do’nt give resistance in Heat and Elec tho…)


ok i’ll wait for a phys protecc to drop.
(day 27) still no phys protector


Phys Protector is the C-E counterpart of Mighty Protector you know ? ^^


but whenever i need an item it becomes rarer
and if i get a common one i dont want to fuse it to epic.


It’s pretty easy to fuse a common to max epic, as long you can farm BB 2V2 normal (like me)


you see,i am lazy.and i have stuff to do other than this it will take me longer.


@cyanine, i forgot to add some weapons which are stored in my inventory:
Naga, GrimReaper, EMP, MaliceBeam, Hysteria, GrimCobra, Ultrabright, Viking Hammer, Last Words, Bunker Shell, MortalBullet, Windforge and the good old FaceShocker…Any of these items change the build you send me or do i keep it that way?


Free heat builds because I’m bored











(imagine the Desolation as Red Rain, so reduce 1kg from the build)



(you can replace teleporter with any Hook except energy)


(you know yourself whoever has this build :slight_smile:)


Supercharge protector, useful or not? thinking of putting on my energy boy…


I was thinking about that build and i messed with it quite a bit…Since i don’t have energy hook, i’m gonna keep using FS for now…Any advice @cyanine?You think it works that way too? And oh, i gained one supercharge protector, but idk if its worth to use on it since he have one max protector…


Would work, but… What would support Hysteria? :thinking:

Also you really need Hook with a claw.


Choices :slight_smile:

Anti-Energy / Phys 1


Anti-Energy / Phys 2


Anti-Heat / Phys





I use Mortalbullet…


How does it look better,on black or yellow?
(no reference of the song)


  • image
  • image
  • Other color (comment)!

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If i were you, i would leave it black, i painted my energy with marine camo and now i’m thinking about remove it, really…


I forgot to add, what would support Hysteria in the next 6-8 Ranges?

And also, you need some Hook in whatever Claw build you have. Players will do the tactic of running away and using all of your utilities.


About hysteria, well, i forgot about that, since usually i combo it with Mortalbullet… argh :frowning:
I need to find one ene hook then till i upgrade all the pieces for my new energy guy…