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I have a Magma but it is only single use so I am hesitant.


Like this? (-2 weight for the weight difference between Red Rain and Deso and between the HeatPoint and ShortHeater)


You 'll need much more energy than that




I love it! I think I’ll work towards it. Stellar work as per usual, @Winz_Kay! I’m grateful.


As you progress, you might want to attach some Resistance somewhere


I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!


The Desert snake is same kg as Red Rain btw


Fantastic, which would you recommend?


Desert snake has no uses compared to Red Rain which currently has 2. Although Red Rain has 2 pull, the desert snake will suffice since you only need either to get out of Range 3. :smile:

So Desert snake if you have one


This has been extremely helpful! Thank you very much for the input.


i would remove the charge and tele since ya got the 8 ranges covered

id still go for red rain tho


The extra weight would allow for one single res protect. Could do


Murmur is useful for something? if not i’m gonna recycle him :confused:


Murmur is a great general-purpose drone. Good for any type, especially boilers. Works best with tanky builds.


Very amaizing drone,would love to get it one day.


@cyanine this guy here… I wanna put my claw on him but am having some weight issues…


do you have an energy melee


Do you have Energy melee, or close range weapons? (bulldog, bigdaddy)


Unfortunately not :confused:
Just remember,Viking right?