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Thinking of taking out the MaliceBeam to put one BunkerShell on its place…What to use?

  • Bunker Shell
  • Mailce Beam

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Thinking about put one ShortRanger on this guy, he uses void right now but i feel it lacks damage and res drain…Any advice?


usually id say no because i hate facing people with SR but yea just put it on… your mech is practically the perfect candidate for it


Hypocrite alert


If you use bunker, you will only have one reliable long range weapon.

Always use SR if you you have range 2-4 weapons and knockback.


My post was forgotten…


Why you don’t equip the MPV? Its very useful for its resistance…


MortalBullet 2-4 and Last Words 2-4
Yeah, i just don’t know what to change to be able to use one ShortRanger(no weight enough)


I don’t have a Phys Resistor Mod though, so it becomes significantly less useful.


Ooh it’s ready, wanna 2v2?


Resistance is still res, even if a little.


Sure we need to try again right Sean? :joy:


What should I myth next???

  • devouring paws
  • sith
  • saraph blade

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@Chicken_Drink @cyanine @The_Yo_Yo_Man


If you have valiant…:clap: You gotta put bunker if you have it.

And my awnser when you have hysteria is still an yes.


This is an build help but ok
Post an pic of ur mecc pls.







I asked before about building a viable Heat build but as I got no reply, I opted to try building one for myself first and then ask for critiques. Here is what I came up with (Just pretend that the Drone is the ShortHeater that will be coming out which has a weight of 50kg making the builds exactly 1000kg):



Do you have abomination or Magma?


replace the corrupt light / sorrow with red rain