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use the last words then use the valiant sniper
if at range 2 walk away and use the vl
and you do not spawn at 2 range when the battle begin


Is anyone going to address @CLAYM0R3’s question? I’ve been having trouble brainstorming given the details. That being said, it seems like he is a new member so perhaps he doesn’t have a Zark and other staple E-Ms


I need a regen module still… then I can make my phys mech rounded… why can’t I get a regen module…


WTF??? you ain’t getting a regen module thats so funny





I do think it’s funny that I don’t have one, no, it’s not funny, it’s sad what you have to do to get essential items in this game.


Hey bro please dont take me wrong I apologize for it. I know the feeling I was also like you for about 3 months I wanted a zarkares torso. But, I wasnt getting it not even in epic form. But, when I got it after 3 months in just epic form I was very happy. That was a different happiness. Trust me you will get it soon keep trying and dont lose. All the best.
Here you can see me how happy I was when I got it -


Hello all,
TL;DR I need some help with a viable Heat mech.

Seeing as I’ve been planning ideal builds for each class that I can strive towards, I think I finally want to tackle Heat; my main class. My first ever build in Reloaded is the Heat I currently have and it has served me well. It is a dual-HB, glass-cannon build; meant to take advantage of anything without good Cooling and tear it to shreds whilst also having a high Cooling of it’s own (necessary for the dual-HB set-up). I have heard many criticisms leveled at it and did not want to admit that they were right despite myself knowing that they were. So, I think it is appropriate to go into what I would like out of the new Heat mech next.

I would like this Heat mech to be able to counter Energy and other Heats. A Boiler type would be good but I lack elements like a Crimson Rapture (I could save tokens to get one though). I have plenty of Zarks and I figure those will do nicely as a torso (I also recently unboxed an MPV but I lack the Phys Resistance Mods to make it useful). I have plenty of Corrupt Lights, Savegeries, Desolations and Supreme Cannons. I have one Flaming Hammer, one Magma Blast, and one Dawnblaze. In terms of drones, I have both a Clash and a Heatpoint, both of which are the “meta” drones for Heat. I do not have any L-M modules of any kind and although I would use a Claw if I could, I only have one and it is being used on my Phys.

Below is the build I use currently:

I look forward to any advice and support I receive! (I would prefer a build using the materials I already have but if it features L-Ms I don’t, that’s also okay as it is simply an ideal build brainstorm)
Thank you all for reading!


I wanted a zarkares torso for a while. Then I prayed to SM gods and they blessed me. Now I have 6 and I’m triggered.


I have one maxed which I needed once again sorry bro…


I’m gonna pray to SM gods now:

O lords of SM, stop being such big dicks.



Guys??? A little help with the Heat mech above would be much appreciated?


remove the supreme cannon and add 2 more heat engines

or better yet, remove the supreme cannon, remove a cooling booster, and add 3 heat engines

that way you can double heat bomb ur opponent and be less likely to be shutdown urself (in theory)


I don’t shutdown very often at all as it is though. I was more thinking about a hard-reset on the build to be more viable as I’ve heard that dual-HB is not viable.


well maybe you could use a basalt dissolver if u do face heat mechs

since ur trying to be a boiler, boiler matches r supposed to take longer than just dmg heaters. maybe fit 1 in n see how it goes. usually a lot of players are scared to be double shutdown and a lot of the top ranks have low heat cap, so ur heat cap lowering weapons might actually help against the heat


Thanks for the opinion! Do you have any thoughts on a weapon loadout? I’d like to include a Crimson Rapture and am willing to save the 1900 Tokens for it XD


well i would suggest an abomination instead of supreme cannon altho ure gonna have a lil trouble using the heat bombs effectively without the extra cap

so maybe 2 basalt dissolvers will do but idk. im kinda bad at heat myself

your ideal starting range is 3 if youre facing an energy and 1 facing a heat imo

if you wanna substitute the supreme cannon for a vandal rage, thats good too


@Winz_Kay use one mortalbullet, it have2-4 range, 133(160 with buff) of drain and its free of heat…


Yeah! That’s exactly what i was thinking!

I’ll max one out and give it a whirl but right now, I’ve changed my energy mech into a troll and ditched my heat for another phys. Working well.


Btw, my energy uses one, it seems inoffensive, but drains nice :joy:
But you need to have some res, since 2-4 is the range of most physicals :joy: