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So, in about a year, maybe 6 months, I will have a beast of a physical mech (Dual Annihilations build).
I just need help with module choices:

  • 2,470 HP, 501/216 heat, and 193/64 energy
  • 2,470 HP, 412/237 heat, and 193/64 energy
  • 2,615 HP, 323/195 heat, and 193/64 energy

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Thanks to everyone who shared their input!

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Hey There , guys!

I do not understand the choices. Why do you change the amount of heat, since HP and energy is the same in #1 and #2? Did I miss something?


Honestly, could do without that second option. Offers no real upside other than a loss in total heat/cooling. Worth ignoring for the first (or second if you’re into being shut down on the 2 round).


It’s an option. In some scenarios, cooling is better than max heat capacity. It’s also noted that with option #2, I can fit a Bully, which is great for vs. dual Annihilations and Crimson Rapture users.


Or put a myth lava scope for those corner scneraios.
Nwver know when a 600-750 dmg shot can come in handy at range 8 (weights 24 kg)
Just a scenario…


I never got one, but that’s light AF. Sadly, I only have an extra 13 kg with the build.


Even if you had one, you’d have to rework your attack strategy a bit, kinda wish I hadn’t been out of town that day. Would be nice to test out, op as shit for that low weight.

Btw if anyone can answer, what is a bully? (obviously none legacy player).


Range 1-3 push weapon. 3 push-back and ~3 energy and heat cost. Weighs 10 kg. I consider it anti-melee because it’s better due to 1-3 range as opposed to 2-4, and at the level I have upgraded it, more damage. It’s saved my bacon at least 3 times.


Oh that’s what it is, I had assumed it was another push back type of weapon I’ve fought against recently. It had a more circular design with a yellow “hole”. Believe it had the same or more knockback (from 1-2 I think, I don’t recall much but Ik a few top tier players have it on).


I think this might be the one u r looking for

It had another version with 3 uses and 5 knock back


That’s exactly it, jesus christ, that things even more annoying than repulser or the previously mentioned one.


Tru e , sad I don’t have the weight to put one :frowning:


I fused all of mine away. Bully did more damage since they were unfused, but oh well, I should have kept them.


I too lost all of them when.i tried the legacy converter - stupidest thing I did!!

Luckily this one was on my old legacy physical mech lol


i never even saw that yet…O_0

and i too regret not to keep some of the legacy items, because there are no equivalent to those in the new release…(like mythical hooks with 2x use)


Sorry to revive this thread but I wouldn’t want to make another one.
I need some help with a choice for a primary mech.

You can see they are not maxed yet.
Sith build is the most balanced one so far,but more of a 1v1 setup rather that multiple mech fights.

I’m planning to myth an Avenger.
Any build suggestions (and f2p if possible) or should I drop it?


i like 2nd and 3rd build what do you need help with :confused:


Thank you.
However,I’d like some thoughs from someone more experienced (as you only have one build).
Especially for the Avenger build.That’s a tough decision.
I’m having a hard time deciding for the module setup on the first two and idk if I should switch to using the Sith build from now on…


actually i have 2 builds going into a 3rd build


I personally would go with the 1st or the 3rd one