General Thread - Best Farming Spots

Im unable to reach the 11 boss :,(

in 2v2 20charactersdcskncvkej

That is what i said mate
Btw the rate at which you gain tickets is better at hard , not even insane

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Oh frick , i meant to say mission 3
Thanks for correcting :slight_smile:
Just edited the main post :slight_smile:

IMO i would farm Madboy 2v2
Coz fortune boxes are not guaranteed to drop anywhere , you may or may not get it
but the gold reward is still the best , so you get something rather than nothing

There is … but yours is made a lot nicer :exclamation:


Mine …

… was made to figure out best Missions for Gold and Fortune Boxes :exclamation:

IF we are able to get an accordance, I will gladly put it into my …

… thread, which was my intention for my little “best Campaign Missions” :exclamation:

So … lets try to have an accordance about best Campaign Missions …



I know about your thread I even replied to you there , remember ? :slight_smile:
Yours was made for gold and FBs only , but this one is like a collection of all of them :slight_smile:

Sure , you can use it

I will add fortune boxes grinding spots tommorow , kinda late for me atm

Ha. Ha. Ha.
“Cool drop of fortune boxes.”
In the Frozen Abyss.
Ha. Ha. Ha.

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Take the cookie, new player

if i was about to try being funny would have your name 4sho

What about my name?
Oh sorry I can’t understand. Could you please clarify?

Not trying to be sarcastic btw.


You talkin to me?
Because I am not “new.”
I am a year old :smiley: And quit the game :smiley:

And I’m here for 5-6

First run:

I’m giving the advices, feel free to listen or not


I’ll try that.

Thanks for that , i’ll add it to the main post in a bit

Great farming spot: arena

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Added fortune box farming spots according to many players’ suggestions :slight_smile:

yeah for those who win contantly

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A.K.A. Lord Gorgon himself


Im living large scale losses these days.

The sentence still the same