- General Thread - Assistance for Physical Mechs trying to defeat Energy Builds!


Because of the additional drainage


that s what we all complain about


@Kn0Tn0YT Yeah, but they do, unquestionably have an advantage due to the new arena shop. If your going to quote me, read the whole thing first.


phys have less weapons


rank 8 9


just give us that weapon made by L4K3 and we gonna be fine


Exactly, Phys not only have a smaller variety of Builds to work with, but Weapons like valiant sniper only exaggerate the lead En has. Its like giving Phys a gun that heals us.


Mate i was talking about having 2 different approach builds. I have one well rounded anti phys oriented and a well rounded anti energy. Thats for start.
Then (and thats where i expect your 3v3 XP) tag team; for exemple , dont wait to be completely drained and killed. Once you arrive at 100 energy, switch mechs… facing a dual vaillant build, each bud would take 2 shots, then managing range, you can play… (there aint many 4 VS guys out of top 80)


But anyway. Im sorry, I got off track. If someone has a good strategy to defeat En, then post it here.


i told you how i do it i don t think there is any better way ,if you don t have op stuf


having a myth charge/claw helps a lot


I suppose that is true. En relies alot on L+ Items, doesnt it?
Does it? @rrr That would make sense…


en are pretty weak without op stuf


Haha - very good point from you - like it :exclamation:

Because I told @Mohadib in the first 20 minutes from the new Arena update (2v2), that 2v2 is the most luck-depending version of all 3 variantes (1v1, 2v2, 3v3).

I also can go in all details about, believe me, when someone know this very exactly, then its me (my many Single Gold Medals didn’t fall from heaven) :exclamation:

Its a main point about new update …

2v2 … wrong mech row … you are done (only in very rare cases mech switch can safe you … in 3v3 mech switch is a total different story) :exclamation:



Annihilation, Desolation, good weapons that don’t use energy.


What are you referring to? You just randomly said a bunch of commonly used phys weapons.


things are not quite simple in top ranks


Desolation is a heat weapon BOI xD


You can kill energy mechs without energy. Just need utilities that don’t use energy.


one thing is sure,if you want to build a phys and you don t have at least:platinum plating,myth res kit,you can t enter tops that easy(by tops i mean top 50)