- General Thread - Assistance for Physical Mechs trying to defeat Energy Builds!


Energy Mechs have become OP, due to a thing called bonus damage. With the Arena Shop, they can add a percentile boost to normal damage, and then when they increase the percent damage on Energy itself, that increases the bonus damage. So, Were looking for builds and strategic moves that will assist in defeating Energy Builds.
Nemisis gave some good advice;
Here’s some of my advice.

My Golden Rule: Do not deploy your drone. Energy Mechs will most likely drain you before your drone gets a return in damage as opposed to using a NightFall or Spartan instead.


-Try to get into a corner, energy cannot push you into their most lethal ranges (4 and beyond).
-Try to stay way from Bulldogs or Ash Creators. It’s not worth the risk most of the time.
-Don’t waste energy free utilities/weapons early on in the match.
-Think turns out. 30 seconds is enough.


-Bare minimum of 3 energy modules, preferably engines.
-Resist mod if necessary.
-Night Eagle if you don’t have Spartan.

Also, use Mercy and Spartan if you have them. Their drawbacks as opposed to more utility-like weapons are minuscule compared to their pros.

Also, LordGorgons Physical Build is quite nice, and a good template for Physical Mechs.
LORDGORGNS MECH Cybers Note: I think it honestly is the picturesque Physical Mech, and honestly believe its one of, if not the strongest build at our disposal. At least, when talking about Energy countering. I mean, with 614 En as your Cap, you’ll be golden, regardless of Regen.
To be fair, this goes for all Physical Mechs. A high Energy Cap, is always more important than Regen.
Now, Magicmech just put his build for Heat up. He also gave some good advice, Regarding it.

First of all. The specifics you can’t see: Teleport and Hook equipped, drone is Murmur.

Second. Despite all the conversation above, this Mech actually eats Energy Mechs for breakfast. That includes the dual-Valiant, Bunker Shell & Faceshocker builds (with ~350 heat cap). It can even take on higher heat caps with lucky positioning. Naturally, due to lack of mythic plates or protectors, cancerous dual Nightfall Mechs roll right over it much of the time. But even those get trashed once in a while. (Cybers Note: Let it be noted, that a build with Platinum Plates using this setup would demolish.)

Third. Why is this? First, 3 out of 4 weapons are energy free, along with the drone. So it can fight drained no problem. Second, the massive cooling damage it does allows it to get perma-heats surprisingly often, especially against Energy Mechs (which in my experience tend to have the worst heat stats of the 3 types). And its rather large energy cap keeps it alive long enough to do its business. Of course, this build has its cons - A weakness to physicals, a rather low heat cap, and a long-range weakness. If, however, you’re lucky enough to have a maximum protector, you can drop the two plates and add the protector and a heat engine for a major increase in power.

In summary, this non-meta Heat Mech is deadlier than it looks, and often takes enemies by surprise. It is specifically anti-energy oriented, with good utility against heat and a weakness to physical. It does rely on quite a few premium items (at least 3), but it’s worth using if you can build it. And last, but not least, its proof that while Heat may be down, it most certainly is not out.

This in not right! - SM is unbalanced and things need to be changed - Here's why:

Man, make it “how to fight energy builds with physical builds”. Lets make it a helpfull tuto, not another complaining centralization system


the way of fighting depends on every build


Well,what can I say about this…
Most of the times,as a physical,you’ll land 1 Nightfall shot on your electrical opponent (3 shots in the best case),and then you will move unto the Charge/Grappling Hook + Annihilation combo.
Personally,2 Nightfall shots then 3 Annihilation shots when drained combined with both the hook and the charge are enough to kill an electrician or at least bring it very low to be finished in the next round by your 2nd mech.
But you’ll need 2000+ hp in order to land this many hits and survive long enough to do it when faced against a Face Shocker build (even tho,it’s do-able).


@dankmementos did lol


No, I believe they are fine. debatable


Hi all, so we will need to discuss 3 main aspects here:

  • builds
  • face to face arena strategy
  • and the often forgoten (we are now in 2v2) tag team/dual build approach in both building and arena battles (@L4K3 im surprised as a vet 3v3 that you never mention this, its critical)


hey winz arent youu an energy


Yes. Why?


No other type can limit anothers weapon usage, and do as much, or even, at times, more than Phys.


oh are you fine if they do something to energys


Why is the topic called assistance for phys builds if there is no talk of assistance?

Perhaps you can take some of the posts said and edit them in, like the post @L4K3 made


Heat limits everything you can do when overheated. It even stops you from changing out. I have a near maxed energy mech and near maxed physical mech and I know both tactics


this is my thinking phy beats heat i dont know what heat beats energy beats phy some times and heat most of the time


what about a 2 ani 1 nightfal 200 energy 500 heat and 2500 hp build? XDD


Idk about the damage though


I am a physical mech and I have absolutely no problem with them.


i start to see what you guys said about energy,even shit builds can deal more dmg with 100 or even 150


That dank emoji though XD


you are rank 7 or 6 so there they are quite weak