General Thread - Accomplishments!


Here,you can post your accomplishments regarding your progress in SM.
This isn’t a flexing thread;do not show off like you’d normally do.Instead,you can post that you’ve reached an important milestone in your SM career or something you think is unique and deserves recognition.


sooo…you are implying that we are VAIN???..:rofl:


I go first!
I reached rank 4 with these builds:
(1000/1000 kgs and the first is fully maxed)


so its like flexing but with a backstory or some other context


He’s implying not to act up and be stupid, unlike in other threads which promote showing off


it was a joke…


I will be happy if i myth everything on this claw.


I know that YOU were joking, but there are some actually VAIN people out there so I wanted to point it out so there are no toxicity in here

Soz tho :smile:


yes…i’ve met with a few of them…:grin:


Yep :slight_smile:


after the reload, FINALLY i’ve got all the component (except the claw) to my invincible baby…

i just have to find a suitable name for it


I finally got all of the parts of the energy mech (my third mech) I am building to legendary… once it is done, I should be able to counter physicals and energies with it, and finally move up to rank 4!


Uhh,when I got my first myth,malice beam…


When I made my first dual nightfall build with, all legendary, Ronin, Chronium Crushers, dual nightfall, dual night eagle, hurlbat and a bunch of mods… Now I have evolved


I beat all the achievements

Not a big deal I know. Kinda stung getting a worthless epic for 1000 arena wins tho


getting that darn 500 shot achievement thing took forever


Yeah…getting the -50 phys resistance damage was challenging considering I don’t use phys weapons until lately