General Idea of the Playerbase

I purposely finished last weeks raid at the first tier with only 16 health left.
Heres a screenshot:

Just gives an image into the amount of players.
So, Id estimate that in total we have around 30,000 active players.



thats actually way more than i thought

It also makes this more legit to know, that raid only counts if you do any tier (even if you stop right then). People who don’t play it aren’t counted.

So holy shit, that’s a lot of people…



holup fam

Im glad you are surpised.
I expect payment in tokens for the tokens I lost by doing this experiement.

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I thought there were like 3-4k players lol

Actually, now that I think about it. There could still be a whole bunch of people who actually don’t DO raids, so there could potentially be more than 30,000 at the least. Who knows? ( :-|- im a pretty plane.)
Also did the math, the world population is around 6,000,000. 30,000, so 30,000 / 6,000,000. Dividing it, it ends up being 0.005. So 30,000 people is 0.005 percent of the world’s population o-o

There is around 7.6 billion people on this planet as of 2018.

I think your maths off a bit there bud.

The correct math would bring us at around 0.0004

7.6? Huh. Guess my source was a bit out dated.
Oh I see. I put in a million not a billion… oh crap

thats a lot of players

I used, It’s shown to be accurate.


its kinda weird that theres that many players yet we still have the same 3 top clans as we’ve had for years.

I guess most players never make it to the top ranks.

I guess most misfits are reiko

Gee I wonder why that is. Although there’s bit a few to make it to top ranks, it’s just not common and most can’t hold it. Hell I bloody can’t.

Good work. Great thinking. Thank you young padawan.

Or there could be a lot of filler bots to make the playerbase inflated puts on tinfoil