General discussion on fate of our myths

The way I see it is the old players already have a huge advantage over other players.

  1. They already have a huge amount items to use for boosting and transform.
  2. They will have tons of coins to get boxes at the very start of the update
  3. They will have a grace period to ease them into the update. ( Although not set yet, the grace will be plenty of time to get to know the new items)

Just wait and play. I promise you will like the changes. :slight_smile:


The grace will last 10 minutes for me , i know most of the items and i know the new metas. Its gonna be awesome ~ <3

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Honestly! It is no problem for me! Becuz i have my first myth called nightmare torso! I spend 100k coins + 5 legendaries! And result is so satisfying!


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I have not participated in the beta and therefore I can not make a clear value judgment about the new update. I am only guided by what I have read here.

It does not bother me that my mythical items are now epic or legendary if I can transform them. Although I have not saved coins, I have all used them to open boxes and do fusion. It has been hard work, considering how boring the campaign is.

But I have seen that there will be new mythical and I suspect that with an awesome blow power. If these new myths are as difficult to obtain as the new cooling module has been, these new weapons will create an abyss between those who can spend a lot of money and those who do not. The best players will no longer be the best players, but those who buy more or those who can devote 8 hours a day to campaign without falling asleep at the computer. Will the campaign be paid as it is now?

Another thing I am seeing is that we are entering a β€œnew era” with the old ballast of the current era. We continue to have hackers and account sellers in the game. These people have not been removed from the game nor have their accounts been investigated. They are still there. And their presence generates a major imbalance. You can not compete with someone who within 2 days of appearing a new mythical, already have 6 in their mechs. No matter how hard you try or how good you are.