General discussion on fate of our myths


Now the thing is i have seen some ppl playing this game since years and collected all sorts of myths.
And some even have 7 or 8 times same myth.

DO YOU THINK the compensation is enough??? for your time and money spent guys ???

I mean its told that there will be a grace period for us when inventory limit wont be there . But we will not be able to guess in such short time which items to keeep or let go cuz invenmtory will be limited and to get new stuff we must let old stuff go ;we dont know how many new myths or new weapons will be there so some may by mistake may let go all imp items they earned in years and later realise that they have backstabbed themseles.

So shouldnt you think this grace prriod should be more as compared to what they said as initial short grace period
And shouldn’t we get more compensation like more new currency ratio ? Some special benefits etc.

Will be lots of new items whose stats u not know and basically a new player starting this game can have 100 times more edge over us just cuz he or she got lucky in getting a special new item with whom we are unfamiliar and still know nothing!
But it may be good as it may bring new players to game finally

Guys what are your thoughts are you happy or excited about your myth current situation as seen from q/a ?

Moreover our myths will drop their tier and wont be able to transform this situation will make u obviously try getting new stuff cuz common sense says
Even if u have silver because of years hard work u will have to go for gold cuz its now more popular in market which may meanss starting all over again for some people xd

PLz share your opinion guys ( im not against anything xd )
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I took part in the testing and managed to get myself a good myth. Although it was powerful, i reckon it was on par with some of the myths currently out there.

Change scares everyone, but without it things get boring. Please try the new update before condemning it. How can you have an opinion on something you’ve never tried?


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Sorry i not condeming it we just having a general discussion we will be more than happy with all new updates as finally game is offering something very new :3 game may finally change play to win perhaps ! :slight_smile:


creo es evidente debe haber una compensación para los que han invertido dinero en el juego, solo ellos en excepción y nadie más, sobre lo que dice Elcent no hay que condenar el update, realmente tiene cosas muy interesantes, haciendo de supermechs un juego más competitivo sin depender de items nivel bajo que para muchos ya no es posible conseguir, como también que el nuevo sistema de transformación de items, nos ahorra gastar fortunas al intentar conseguir X items como el modulo de 65 cooling 90 life 33 drone heat etc.
< Es fácil dramatizar y especular, luego uno arrepentirse XD!


Oki without busting your head… you are the same guys that Zions 1284kg mech is ok, and can be done.
I’ve seen the some of the new myths, they are 50% stronger in terms of pure dmg output then the curent ones… and they wete at lvl 1.
Stop saying that old myths are on par with withe the new … they arent and will never be.
Sure some will be usefull… read carefuly USFULL… not on same lvl, and that is because of their usability, lack of energy consumtion, lack of limited uses etc.
But what cherry said is more thrn relevant, we need, us the old players, the ones that horded 300+ myths in our inventory, a biger grace period.
Yeah change is good, its fun, its more then welcomed, but Chery has a good point… actualy an excelent point… we need time to adapt.
Because like she said, till we get the hang of what to keep, what is good, we need to test. Sure some were in beta… and have a huge edge on what is good and bad… but we dont.
As an ex: removal of shop… that ment we lost the 1kg tp, 4kg hook, 4-12 kg shields… those were incredible items… that we lost. Do you know that the most sought item in game… is the 1kg tp? Some would sell half their inventory of myths just for one!
So i think the grace period should be biger… not short… because we need it.


con el update es posible conseguir items de nivel bajo, algo imposible en el actual SM, bueno esa fue mi impresión hasta el nivel 27 XD!


‘‘Wow, i spend money and time and now i have 6 of each torso & legs, 6 of each wapon, 12 of each module and 6 of each special item! :D, now i need to get rid of my stuff that i got spending money and enffort because the new update have inventory limitations!’’




Quitting anyway, so I dont really care what happens with my mythical. Good luck everyone, I hope this update will be good


I hate the Inventory limit :rage:
I won’t say much without trying
But …Its seems like old players will leave after update
Umm…Maybe waiting for update would be good


My opinion is expressed in this thread is there should be no inventory limit and it should be stackable. Theres no justification for saying that theres is not enough space in the supermechs world to fit guns, the game is about giant robots and guns. Just have the power of guns put into “fusion cores” so that your 17 saurus rifles are the same item, and the only data variable is the number after them… for instance “saurus rifle icon, with the details on mouseover and click” x 17

Tie the powerlevels / upgrades / colouring to the slot in the mech that the gun goes into.

Equip the fusion core to a slot, it stays in the slot until you move it so you can swap out guns and the core stays in its slot… If you have a level 16 fusion core, whatever gun you put in there stats out as level 16. You power up cores how you would power up guns normally, and you can sacrifice them to each other. You could even have the fusion cores tied to particular slots, drone / specials slots only for instance. you could limit the number of fusion cores to X+10, where X is the number of slots on 6 mechs.

As for obsoleting current myths, im not happy about it. I think that the old mythicals should be on par with the new mythicals, people spent a long time or money to get their current gear. It’s cruel/stupid/unecessary to force people to destroy the stuff they worked so hard to get, and whats more I really dont agree with the way the current myths are handled, and I think its going to piss a lot of people off.

When you hear the Dev talking about strategy where he described this one time when someone used push weapons to push people into their long range big hitting gun, you know that the guys doing balance/design have the imagination of a potato. This also gives me cause for concern.

Lets face it, they are making all our stuff useless, honour would dictate that they give us premium currency for every mythical destroyed equivalent in terms of the new games economy equal to 80 tokens per myth. Every old myth destroyed should be equal to the value of roughly what it would take to get 50% of a new myth.


I could care less about what myths we get my azz wants a medal so idc what comes out as long as i can get what i need to get to top


Thanks for the invite lol :slight_smile:


I’m out…
20 character limit…
Cya all…


Creo es mejor decirlo en 3 puntos
1.- Solo los que han comprado reciban una compensación
2.- Esta compensación sea en base a X cantidad de dinero
3.- La compensación ya sea en powerkits o tokens


Lo del inventario me parece totalmente correcto, en su tiempo al principio del juego, hay gente abuso de hacks y toda clase de bugs, por tener un inventario de más de 20,000 items y upgrade para siempre. En cuanto el tiempo de tolerancia, solo debería ser para los que realmente han comprado, no aquellos que tienen más de 31,000 items y no han dado 1 dolar por ello. No olvidemos hay mucho oportunista.


To be honest im totally fine with this update and that we will lose our myths , instea of that we will make OUR myths THAT WE want , Its not based on luck anymore , it will be based on skill now , everyone will be pretty much equal. And again , with a small team of devs for sm , its hard to do everything. Its just 6 of them damit. And dont complain if you have NOT seen the update yet , trust me its the best update in years. You are going to love this.


I will say this, they gave an initial estimated grace period and they’ve even said, it could be extended. So, that particular complaint has already been addressed in a sense. The thing is, they can’t just give you an “unlimited” grace period, otherwise, you will just continue hording. But overall, they want to break the hording mindset. They haven’t even said what the inventory limit is yet.

And those who are currently flourishing ingame will still be. I mean, so many of you have like, MILLIONS of SM coins… which basically means you can buy HUNDREDS of boxes (which ALL contain chances of new up-gradable myths). The newbies that you think now have the advantage will join the game and have minimal boxes to depend on for good weapons. Yes, luck will play some part in this. But that’s nothing new from a newbie joining the game BEFORE this new update.


Thats why i was grinding on the past few days , got 6 million coins , may get to 10 million if im not lazy.


Tienes toda la razón, en la entrevista al desarrollador moha dice eso, que puede ser ampliado el periodo de tiempo que se da para optimizar nuestros inventarios XD!