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the level IQ is measured from 0 to 140 … I do not see the numbers in your answer


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conclusion - you are talking about what you do not know … sad … a good day to you



The EXACT reaction I expected from you xD


Well, that was some “general chat”.


Why is this place filled with Sodium Chloride?


Some call it predestination, others destiny, some say fate…


Some one open shaft of it here…


Petition to rename this thread to —Salt Mine—

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I’m proud that me a foolish child could throw off a great adult, for real though shadow do you really think candy graphics, big buttons and explosions are made to satisfy middle aged people?


You asked the right person!

  • The ‘‘BREE’’ sound is what metalheads call ‘‘Pig Squeal’’.A technique that’s pretty easy to learn,but very hard to master.It’s the highest tone that a false-cord vocalist can achieve and it is produced by inhaling (in antithesis to the regular false-cord and growls that are achieved through exhaling) and moving your tongue as further back as you can while pointing forwards with its tip.

    Trust me,it can be the funniest or the scariest sound you can hear.It’s funny when you do it dry,but when you add the ‘‘fry’’ to it,it’s terrific.

  • BREES (Pig Squeals) can also be done through exhaling,but they will lack the amplitude and the higher frequency.Also,an exhaling BREE can not be ‘‘fried’’.It only goes dry.It’s nicknamed the ‘‘false-cord whisper’’ and it heavily used in genres such as slam and grind (gore-grind,porno-grind and dry-grind) for a smoother alternative to falsecord,which is usually a low tone,but with very high amplitude (and when I say that,I mean loud as ■■■■).

  • Also,it’s nicknamed ‘‘BREE’’ but it’s more like a ‘‘WRYYYYY’’ when inhaled and ‘‘VRWWWW’’ when exhaled.


Aaaaa i got hilarious images of gremlin saying lies.


Welp, if you want to chat with intelligent people, I recommend:


I’m sure his high IQ won’t suffice with just simple Physics :man_facepalming:


How come your account page had less views than @WinzKay even though you were here before him?


that’s popularity for ya


I didn’t want to say it in a mean way…


he called me a child :sob:


That dude is certainly condescending.


…or it’s just that im more active :sweat_smile: