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Gotta love that bug


that is not correct + 13 (not limit) if we take 18 as an adult until only 50 years therefore his assessment is wrong there is only a margin of 5 years into 13 and 18 instead of 18 to 50 there are 32. therefore the margin indicates which is not primarily aimed at children. that’s why the 5 years before this forum was better, but now not anymore! and your answer confirms it. thank you for helping me to check my theory bye



You are too new to understand what I am talking about. but that image I like a lot illustrates you perfectly.

Thanks, I’d rather be put in with the group of kids that are having more fun here rather than the bickering adults who are at each other’s throats about 80% of the time


If I understand you perfectly, everyone feels at ease when the mental level is similar. so they can talk about common themes according to their age.

And if I understand you properly, you say that I tend to be more in line with people my age and thus split this forum into 2 groups; adults and kids.

Soooo, seeing as the kids are more happy and currently more popular, you subconsciously admit this game is for kids, not adults.

idk if this makes sense, made much more sense in my head where it wasn’t translated into words

and uhh… Are you part of the kids or adults

no, your interpretation is not correct. currently only you speak your child topics, nothing interesting. I can not demand that you understand what I say, you are not ready to do it yet.
the end.


I was just replying to what you’ve been saying, i didn’t know I had any issues

jajajajaja tal vez algún dia puedas al menos llegar cerca de entender lo que digo, aunque después de ver tus respuestas pienso que jamas sera posible para ti. te deseo suerte de todos modos.

Aww… looks like a kid ruffled an adults feathers

seriously, you wonder why people don’t get you but you fail to realise you make no sense

even yet, I know where you’re coming from but it’s an opinion that is meant to be debated

pls, be more grown up


Then I woonderrrr whyyyyy…


The sights of an overly excited man over a teen :eyes:

It really is very boring to talk with you.

I think that the cartoons started, you better go see them

I guess our

is not similar thus you can’t see the free going Gen Z way and talk about

just for fun and not to


seriously though, I’m boring to talk to? and what, you’re a lion tamer

You need to be born at least 3 times more as a millennial or centennial to equal my IQ. look for something simpler adapted to your z gene. Follow your path child. do not bother that I get bored with your low level.

I mean, how does being born give you a higher IQ :joy:

anyhow, step off the almighty pedestal. I’ve had my cup of entertainment quite filled.

Your neck must be hurt from all that looking down at people

Wish you sweet dreams :blush:

goodnight “sir”

could not resist … and what level of your IQ if not a secret…

Mr miron, I remind you, you do not like to talk to me, remember every time that you dont have arguments, you left of the conversation, I have understood for some time that it is not worth talking with you. so he will have to keep on resisting. :smile:

So you won’t talk to kids, you won’t talk to adults…

So are you waiting for a cockroach or God himself?