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L4K3, what does “bre” mean?


It’s from this youtube video…

not gonna lie, it’s a bit disturbing…


And its meaning?


Look up Breeeeee on Google and click the YT video…

If you want to know and see the video…


i would use red rain if i got it


In this forum I used to be frequented by intelligent adult users, who brought new things used to be fun. This forum was really good, but I see that now it is not like that. sometimes it looks like one of those minecraft forums


Rip answer…

Hopefully, L4K3 can be more helpfully.



Is a sound produced by forcingn air backwards down your throat, vibrating your vocal chords the opposite direction to normal speech, making a “bree” or pig squeal sound, movement of the mouth and jaw can alter the sound produced, as can the starting “Letter” you used to make the sound e.g Gree.
This sound can be produced through exhaling alse making a gurgling phelgmy sound but at a quieter noise level



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Ah, finally, an answer. Thanks, Sean. :pig:


still waiting for the 92 prem packs


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@cyanine notifications are broken for pm right now, I have to manually check and I can’t be bothered

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This is a game targeted to kids and so is minecraft, if you want game forums filled with adults go for something like card games