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I felt the same way 2 days ago so I bought 5 Premium Packs because there were no sales, and the grind was real. I got another Plat and an Abomination which spiced things up. So you should spend your tokens before you quit. At least stay on forums, you’ve got friends here! :smiley:



@S.E.I.Z.E Yeet.


@Super_Yeeter gg. Your mechs are pretty dang good. I think I could have changed that match if my phys weapons were higher level though.


I gotta say… El is pretty mad with htk right now for ruining the replays in goat


So like

I’m having a hard time in arena this week

and I got sniped by a couple of wussies with cheap counter builds and no life watching ladder all day


oh and uhh

If I change my title to something else, would the custom one disappear?




thank the heavens


who remembers this pfp


someone help me

I’m sitting here making so many posts because i’m procrastinating with this report I have to write




I remember that pfp…


Any use or myth food?


Definitely Keep the Redeemer and totally trash that L-M hard to get Red Rain…


That’s what i like hate the most lol


I’m sorry but it looks like you have NO pfp right now.




Got the magma to drop from the portal, then got my first rock recoiled out of a silver box. Finally!


r u sure

r u relly sure


r u sure