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vewy gweat mwatching


My only question is. How long did he take to quit?


I accidentally bunkered both his mechs :sweat_smile:

I asked him a question, then pre clicked 2 bunkers

little did I know his second mech only had 200 HP


lol. Top rank problems amirite





Another top rank problem… ran into canopy today. Picked my counters right but it didn’t matter, as he was afk. :confounded:



he does that a lot during season start

I wonder why


I’m so done with the game, i want to leave it …

I’ll probably not be on the forums either, to avoid me coming back to SM


Something happened bro?


I feel like it has turned more into a grind rather than having fun …
It has become a routine for me to get stomped by players who effortlessly beat me using counters…
I’m also fed up of the droprates …
I still haven’t left tho


it devolved into a clicker game after autoplay, forced 2v2 only sped this along


It’s all about the grind… :funeral_urn:


warframe is all about the grind but it’s actually fun :thinking:


I get you bro.
I have been there myself. From that point onwards, 2 ways out:

  • quiting the game
  • start dropping $$

You know the one i took


Well … I’ll wait a bit for now …
I have been playing for so long afterall …


keep holding out for that max protector


Be like me , left 4 times, came back 4 times :joy:


You deserve a badge for that :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Badge named as " The Return Of Jenish The Traitor Of SM"
Badge received 4 X times :joy::joy::joy:


Rip @Lordcurzon