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Actually yeah it does, a digimon that has war experiences, warfare combat skills, a former ex-army general, is an ape that can reach far-away things AND places, has literal magic skills including being able to summon thunderbolts and fire, and was originally a monkey but transformed by 2 hot shamans to become that “digimon” above lol


I’m gonna be the very best

that no one ever was

to catch them is my real test, to train them is my caaauuuuusssseee





man, these copies are so hard to distinguish


just another kind reminder that you still have over 90 prem packs to oPeN


friendly reminder that the drugs you’ve been told to stop using are making you see x90 more boxes to open

bad astronolina




@WinzKay what will u do when this topic reach 1k replies?? .-.

Open 5 packs and close the topic?? .-.


I don’t know how to close a topic


Then it will never close! MUAHAHA!

If you want to close it, ask a mod.


This topic will never close! Not until Winz has a dozen plat plates!


Ask a mod boii .-.


Gorgu can help you booiiii


sup guys


oooorrr keep it dead…


Id rather keep this little box opening train going; maybe dropping a few posts here and there to contribute.


Hey we are 25 posts away from 1k, we need to make some debts for winz


213 posts by winz

wow ok looks like the boxes open themselves


23 post left… and i only can do 5 post more .-.

I think i need some halp .-.


The forum is aliiiiiivvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee

It feels so great!!!


Define alive, it feels pretty dead atm :thonk:


well I’m here now. So it’s alive :wink: