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U dont need it .-.

U can win shiny pixels without him .-.


Hah that curse … xd


i want

I have found my new profile picture





which one is better for pfp

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • One in post above

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That remmber me when a random F Brute user hit me 700 with +100 phis resis .-.

Better pfp .-.



I liked using this one


Mordulec reborn :thinking:


I am the Phoenix Monkey


Anyone call firefighters








Phoenix are immortal! I will just rise again :))


Name’s Sten, from a great game in the 1900s.


Ayy revive lmayo .-.


Looks like a digimon .-.


adding back the pathetic pads is rlly irritating and making this game more difficult and annoying to play and bother to go on


preach brother

although I personally like it


well basically what the devs have been doing since reloaded is just adding back all the features from the game b4 its huge update. what they took away from us was the store and then the pads and so on. now that they’ve added back the pads i expect a store, but knowing them and knowing that they never listen to their players, likely chances is that the store is long gone