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JAJAJA a ver soy un niño de 20? No amigo ve a mis temas ahi hay información de mi, obvio que me divierto pero no soy como tu que hace esto " .l. " cuando va perdiendo o perdio jajaja y por lo menos no me defiendo utilizando “Gifs” jajaja :joy::joy:


Al menos no estoy ardido porque alguien me gano jajaja :joy::joy:


It’s true, well said Shadow.

Knowing to speak English well is always good. Especially for a YouTuber.

But isn’t that course for kids :rofl: ?

I mean, I don’t know how well can Daniel speak English… So not gonna say anything…
Hopes you have all types of courses there.


Dejo el tema hasta aqui me reí mucho con el que se cree mayor jajaja :joy::joy:


No soy youtuber eso lo deje hace mucho :joy::smiley:


If this post gets 1000 likes, i will reveal myself in that one picture topic thingy


999 likes away from revealing your face


good luck with the tiny playerbase


Thats the point


Alt account time


Alts wont count boss. Try again.


but how do you know if they are alts?


every time i like something it is equivalent to other people liking 999 times

also ur behind on your box openings winz chop chop

you have like 90 or somethin boxes to open. dont think i didnt notice >:((


good question


@WinzKay 900 replies boii .-.


can I post an old picture :eyes:


No .-.
If u want wait to open a pack tomorrow .-.





It’s all up to me in the end :smiling_imp:


Sowy boii .-.

I will stop when i reach 100 post on this topic .-.



I made myself open almost 2 packs