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Look boy, I don’t leave the game if I see that I lose, I don’t use obscene words and if you see him you tell him to come and declare his actions and not send his boys :rofl::rofl:

and I’m sorry for using new prototypes and going to the pvp, because a lot of people here know that my heat doesn’t use claws :grin:

Look, I didn’t get out even though I knew I was gonna lose. :wink:


@Miron_Mironovich Do you remember the last battle? sorry, I didn’t want to laugh. I just wanted to press “GG.” :+1:



the fish dies by its big mouth.


remember something.

“This is a game”.
Have fun.
everyone wins, everyone loses.

moral of about this.

Nobody is invincible, you must learn to lose. because everyone knows how to win but very few know how to lose.

It is not the first or the last time you win. nor is it the first or the last time you lose.


Well I don’t see what is the big deal of leaving. It’s ok thing to do, when you see that you can’t win.

I do that, often I even leave my opponents to win over me and destroy my mechs completely.

Sometimes, I feel like leaving sometimes when I am against honorable opponents that say: Hey or Nice looking mechs or whatever. I let them feel good about destroying me.

I stay til the end and congratulate them.

It’s 50/50 here… Yes, sometimes I don’t wanna waste time too, so I just leave. Time is an important factor as well.


Te respondere en español, si me he salido pero que ventaja contra alguien que su mech tiene las de ganar

Creo que tengo un fan boy ya que ves todas mis repeteiciones :joy::joy::joy:

Y demasiado tiempo de sobra tienes para hacer esas tonteras he amigo jajaja deja de llorar por tu idolo :joy::joy:

Una cosa mas, crea tus imagenes bien renderizadas - das pena como editor jajaja :wink:


If Shadow doesn’t understand Spanish, I don’t see the point of making a comment on Spanish.

Also I bet, English is the main language here on forums? Maybe I am wrong.

Well alright, some people you just can’t understand anyway, I guess.


No tengo tiempo para estar traduciendo lo que digo mi lengua nativa es el español no ingles


Sorry cause I didn’t like your comment Daniel with a “heart” as you did on mine…

It’s just cause I can’t understand, don’t wanna bother translating all that now, so yea.

Don’t take me as negative or something buddy :slight_smile:
Also, you got a nice mechs.


No problem my friend :grinning:


Shadow’s mother tongue is Spanish.


Also I bet Shadow was making a buddy joke with that leaving thingy… Maybe Optimus felt as if you aren’t gonna upload that replay on youtube cause you lost? I bet that is the case.

But in any way, as I said above. Leaving is just ok thing to do, some people don’t have time to run through whole match when they see that they gonna lose.

Cause if you are gonna play SERIOUSLY much, every minute is important at the end of the day.


Oh thanks for saying so Gorgon, well I was gonna put that and re-edit my comment. But now that you said, no need for that :slight_smile:

You know me, I usually re-edit my comments a lot. Cause I feel as if I got no time to think after every single criteria.

So I just throw it out until I notice mistakes, and re-read it.
(technique for a faster replying just)


The funny thing is that Daniel does not know that I am OpTiMuS.
he came to publish here without knowing anything, I’ve talked about never quit battle, I showed him with somw examples that he did. then contradicts himself by saying that if he leaves with this, but does not realize that in the image that I publish it is clear that I made a bad selection and came out at a disadvantage. in which I published I left balanced and the result was very different. but he is a child and it is hard for him to understand that he is in a game, and that he should have fun and have a good time. (the image was made from my mobile device in a couple of seconds, I do not need quality, it’s notimage for my work, for the purpose it’s more than enough and fun)


I see your point.

I understood and guessed that you are OpTiMuS after just seeing your response, which obviously indicates to:

While you also mentioned reply code.
So yea, pretty obvious. Gonna watch it now~!




betcha thought I was gonna say something constructive.
well its 9am and I have the mindset of a fetus so excuse me


Yea people often feel as if YouTuber’s aren’t uploading battles/content that makes them look bad.

It’s just a common thing to feel. In all other games as well.
Daniel seems like a nice guy and a YouTuber.

That was a fast battle though, but yea. Idk if ReignReforged is on good bonds with HTK.
(I bet not, nor am I gonna assume much further). We all together have to try to make this community great so doesn’t matter.

It makes sense why you did what you did @ShadowOfDeath :joy: lol It wasn’t anything offensive or bad. Rather funny XD
(That: " .I. " back there though…) But still. IT’S the symbol for a NOSE~!

Just joking a bit :rofl:

Can’t take it as offensive lel. (People were sending me: " .I. " ) :rofl: back when I started playing and even now.
It’s just a .I. yea.


villager nose


he said: “I do not have time to be translating what I say my native language is Spanish not English.”

You can always learn and use part of your time in learning. It will be useful for you and your future.


900th reply