---General Chat---


This Thread Will Never Die .-.

I wanna see u broken winz .-.


I am broken lol Energy free torso stole my tokens

No more packs boi


Lots happened since I was gone
Such as this


I haven’t played SM for basically a month, and I would like to know if I should play it again and whether or not it’s gotten better or worse (and what new changes there are).


Thats good to hear .-.

U dont need to farm tokens, u dont need the red mokey .-.


I need it


No u dont boii .-.


so that’s confusing… all 3 top clans have had 23/24 this season







It does happen, maybe someone had to take a break from the game unexpectedly, you never know.


Now’s our chance. Attack!


he going to play or is going to cry?


That S in his name stands for Salt, or Sodium.
EDIT: That energy resistance drain lol.


Sodium Chloride
You can have a cylinder of sodium (which will blow up and start burning immediately upon contact with air)
So I guess that will work.

Blizzard dissolver says hi. He probably screwed the last bit of energy using it.


We found kennys lost brother :joy:


I regret running after eating cause I forgot that it was a bad idea.


excersize after meals is a bad idea in general, try eating after or just wait an hour or 2


@WinzKay why i cant find u on pvp boii?? .-.


I think he came to play and win EASY!

coming soon on YouTube

code for see battle replay:

Code: 4B130