---General Chat---


i’ve no shame


oh no it´s the power to get a lot of likes from every body.


So That’s how you got so many likes…


first time beggin mate

Thx Jello


Don’t Worry, I’m Supporting you until I reach 1k likes given to you

maybe even 2k


i think thats a good idea


Orang Orang Orang Orang.


I’ll eat him then

You know it’s a joke Boci[/spoiler][spoiler]


I wish i had a brother who liked me like @SeanChoi1870


hmmmmm 1000 posts

This text will be blurred


nope 830
20 characters


i want it to get that far but when?


Much later… Anyways, the reason I came here was to talk about the insults of the arena chat. I was insulted by two people within about 5 minutes. Why target me specifically?


insults like what saying your gay as fuk or noob or racist stuff?


Like dropping f-bombs and b-words and insulting me from a divine (name with a god in it) direction. All directed towards me. Why me? I never swear, never have, and probably won’t ever.


@WinzKay change the title boiii .-.




change it to “winz kay wasting his tokens”


Replay BCC3F


more postsssssss more postssssss more postsssss