---General Chat---


Okay, muhd boci is not a chicken, he’s a legend

and now he’s a chicken again


ok done(don’t ask me where am i)


My spartan enemys always wrek me with 300+ and i have res 72.



bwawk bwawk



Oof i cam see myself i am popular now!


maxed myth for sure



my game just crashed while i farming the shet portal(oh ok…the raid rewards)


I wasted 400 tokens( 13 refills i think) and got 3 legys only. 2 MPVS (already have one maxed) ans brutality.


hey…atleast i got some nice rewards


FAK didn’t do raid in a week
rip 10000 coins
seems like I did tier 1 and 2, and get 20,000 coins and 25 tokens


me too


Heh i am 275. Better than you iks de


ready for a premium box?

DUH. Don’t try.

5th epic in a roll lol
(just a regular purple prem box)


i m still not sure about dat


nah…i just used 1% of my strategy into this game(just some random shet)


I was gonna say Babababane is now my favourite person on the forums but he already was :sweat_smile:

no joke


Does 50 likes mean they will consider that new weapon ??

i liked it anyways


They already implementing XDD

soon I hope

and I hope they don’t back out


Oi, Stop begging for likes