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I am here but not in game


Good to know

Still got some tokens?


No lol

Unless I open without thinking about saving enough heat monkey


The thread must continue until Winz has every item in game.

Thank me later.


I have 5 items to the list. Only 2 are of use to me. Take a guess


I no understand

I’ll guess plat plate and myth res?


i have 5 items missing from a full inventory, meaning 1 of any item is at hand except 5.

Take a guess :smiling_imp:


Really? I had no idea you were that loaded. Hmmm… flaming spear and Railgun?


But technically, 1 of everything doesn’t help much :sweat_smile:

Got those 2


We are here
We gonna motivate you to buy xD



I know them…:smirk:

Buuut, I ain’t tellin nothin


Good luck finding others





It s the final countdown


What item Winz did NOT have
Hmm …
L-M version of repulser(if that counts)
Flare hook
hmm … :thinking:
charge engine (joke)

He probably don’t have at least one of the 3 mighty cannon (heat, physical and electric)



People complain about this item drop


But he SHOULD have one …
(we didn’t even hear about ppl talking about that)
But I think he got it maxed


I have almost all useless lms xD bloodweep missing and some other thing… But idk


bloodweep …
It destroys (literally) res
But against some 100 res physics, perhaps this item will do better (with some other high damaging ones like terror cry that don’t drain res)

some other thing…

one of the drones (hurlbat)

I think it’s drones that Winz don’t have. At least 2.

is elephant’s foot obtainable?


Dustmaker maybe
This one used to be good