---General Chat---


My colony is jammed Idk what that means.


Someone jammed it so (I think) you can’t move units


Oh well that’s a problem. How do I fix that?


no clue… not advanced enough yet

ask @Bruce0206


lol i knew u would win

triple magma gay always wins


You will have to wait a few ticks…


well it looks like you need XD


No I don’t like to see someone go bankrupt, but if he want to do it, he shall do it.
Or give me 10M coins so I can max my mechs


Otherwise, I wouldn’t know when to open packs and even if I did, I don’t have anyway to regulate myself


@WinzKay .-.


Not always. Good heat counters (usually dual NF, mighty and BB) can really mess up a triple magma.


Just noticed it reached 500+ replies , time to open a pack.


Yeah, but once the sale is gone, otherwise I may get more Rusty torsos (which I do not need)


yea… no

that only happens once every 230 years



I swear everyone gets such bad drops when they try to flex it


Prepare your wallet xD
Btw don t forget about the pack once that event is gone


Devouring paws mate
I m sure


I gotta stop soon… need that heat monkey to hurry up and come


You monster leggy sniper