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reminds me of this topic:


Hey @WinzKay wanna join me on fantasy 3?


You know, I JUST finished Fantasy 3 lol so why not XD


I have my own clan on there it’s called E.



Void is obsolete and he has a range gap.


Where you at?


Top, Center This text will be blurred


FOund ya


Gud This text will be blurred


Range gap where?

And void lets him use seraph plus it costs less.


I accept your penance.

Also I love Kay news and am planning to add something cool to it soon :heart:


ooh will look forward to it


well there are 2 ways to do this,make you buy something now or after sale or why not both lol


oh geez… I didn’t realise it was so close

up to you


Alright, I stand corrected on the range gap. I’ll have to admit I originally thought your opponent would win. However, I thought something is off. I was thinking the SeraphBlade is the only useable weapon at that range? I still think something else could be use instead of the Void.


there’s an Annihilation behing seraph


I voted Glaycier


What! Really! That’s sneaky. :eyes:


I’ll open one in 6 hours… after sale… who needs more of those blue monkeys