---General Chat---


what did you get


I hate u too .-.


Okay, I put the UltraHot up for a Magma exchange in Trade.
I als have a Bunker up there from 1 month ago in exchange for a Platinum Plate. I chuck in 1 mil gold as a gift.

First in, First serve


Idk why but i hate my life so much right now .-.


Open another

I guarantee a leggy


I only have 300 tokens .-.

Send me 35 and i will open another .-.


watch some adds orrrrrr pay


Gimme ur paypal acc plz .-.


d8 muny for gud :frowning:


why you open 2 packs instead of one.


LordGorgon made a deal


oh what was it?


when 500 hits, he said I should change my pfp

I said I’ll add 2 packs to that


awwww i new pfp would be nice.


Gorgon wanted this one


can i request some thing?




okay wow that worked i´m still thinking, never thought it would happen


i got it change your pfp at 800 replies would that be a better deal.


Oh damn, ya are fast, I owe 4 boxes, here we go…