---General Chat---


there’s a chance that could go on foreeeeever and I need to conserve til Heat Monkey Torso


Only open 1 or 2 extra pack boii .-.


“sponsor” me Jelly


I cant .-.
I dont play bd .-.


You don’t need to


I cant send u tokens on Sm .-.


Remember that elec build ran by Fire back then? Zark, runners, same weapon set up as yours, 3 plates, 2 individual res. This thing never lost to any heat or phys. Died to a windforge drone though.
Carzy shet


I can guide you through bd is you sponsor me


Soo let s go for 500 posts


Hahahahaha .-.


I guess I’ll have to expect a pfp change and 2 packs when I wake up. Hope me gets a mags or plats

recko, db tele, adv tel, and heat cannon can cross off my list though


Or purple poop .-.

Lel .-.





*undesired items.


I have a maxed recko and db tp but i never use them on a mech .-.


I wish Trade was a thing



I dont use anything of this .-.


OH I remembered I don’t have ShockWave either


I would gladly take care of them for you