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Show us what you got mate

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Dailly drop rates with winzkay


oh man that sucks sorry bud maybe i should have had waited for a day.


Believe me or not, most of the rank 10 or 15 players would be happy with that


yeah okay fine


I got some mates there, and they said that s hard to get modules


maybe i should have had waited a bit before asking.
good for a basic energy mech though winz.
i thought you would get another protection mod or some energy weapon.


some guy keeps asking me for battle

have to say this for legal reasons: I don’t know if it’s the real one, the paid one


ummmm not besty right?


absolutely not, such a graceful and pretty words woman of austria would NEVER mess up my chat feed because that’s considered annoying :smile:


k just making sure. :grin:
probably some fake weirdo.
what’s your flag winz?


This looks fun probably time to waste all these reds i have collected as a last hurrah


It is fun… and those were average drops! Not bad* Well done XD


oh damn the first one that’s a good one


Idk why but those flex hurt me a bit .-.

Thanks .-.


GG DarkJailu, we just fought and I lost so hard…


Gg boii .-.


Did you get them magmas yet @WinzKay?

How about switching back to your original avatar when hitting 500 posts?


Done deal

pfp + 2 packs at 500 replies.

and no. am still looking. also no plates. My energy mech is lacking because it uses 2 epics


What about open another pack if u get purple poop? .-.