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In my opinion yeah
Other may have a different opinion


Blood …
The low damage obviously suck
So if the user manage to not be killed in 10 turn, or 5 rounds, it’s useful (if he’s a physic) because it drains 90 res (3 uses)
If he will be killed (in 10 turn, 5 round), then it’s useless.
It’s about balance between dishing out damage and destroying res.


Bloodweep does 30 res drain per shot, that’s 90 total…That would help so much

With Nightfall, Anni and Mercy helping with their res drain, it would be so Good

Bloodweep is so underrated


Tried this one a lot. Dual version and all.
However you put it, nightfall is better. By far.


If you say so, I’ll listen to the Experts, You and Traf


Well why i m saying that s useless?

Because you are wasting turns in which you can deal more damage for draining your enemy res

In most of the fights you manage or your enemy manage to kill you without draining your hole res

Your target is to kill his mech, not to drain him

Ok it s taking 30 res, sure, but that won t make a huge difference, for making a huge difference you will need all uses, which means that you will deal with 100-200 less damage using this weapon instead of a nf or spartan

So it s a gap of let s say 350-600 which won t be compensated by that drain


On the paper, looked appealing, like you stated.
Practicaly, doesnt work well. Battles are too fast.

Funny part was shooting >500dmg with tonto.


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Mechanical way > chemical way



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