---General Chat---


Hey, you noisy talkers. As the owner of the Flex thread, it has become a place of many talks and general chats and flexes. As much as anyone wants an eternal thread, Flexes are overshadowed by posts of randomness.

In an attempt to keep Flex Thread mainly for Flexes and talk about flexes, I am creating this thread to promote general discussions which the #lounge fails to do (and I can’t add everyone into a PM which has proven useful and effective for mass discussions.)

As a bonus and a way to promote talking here, I will be opening a pack every 100 replies (will scale it to the best number of replies but for now, I am going with 100 replies.)

Of course, this topic could utterly fall and burn but flex thread will still boomin and at least I’ve tried so here it goes.

I will also change the title to: “—General Chat - Supermechs—” once it has gained traction but to draw users in… I will add the juicy sentence in.

Let the talking begin:

EDIT: Mute topic if you do not want to partake and dislike the constant need to check

EDIT: No excessive spam.

- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -

As the kickoff, I will open a pack


take a guess


dammit, I posted this when least amount of users were active


btw, feel free to join me in opening packs every x number of replies


Open a premium pack for every reply
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I do if you do



I’ll go with myth food! Ronin torso!


Myth Food - 1

Ronin - 1


Can we do 20 questions? If so… Is it heat related?


Omg brb, I may just start my own thread for this.


get to opening.



ayy lmayo .-.


General discussion, feel free


So, is it heat related?


it’s anything related


Oh I’m sorry, I completely misunderstood

  1. no


Is it a super uber kit thingy?



  1. no


Is it energy related…