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Hi, general thread for Upcoming things like: Base update, What item might be next.

But for now, I want to ask… Do you think there may be a portal today? No immediate special event has occurred so maybe a portal?

I know this thread can be a stretch and doesn’t necessarily need to be a general thread but we’ll see if it lives on.


i bet today is new titan “event”


Eh,probably another gold arena bonus or 10% campaign.

I want…an paint discount.

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A new titan ughhh I hate this every titan is new and they take so much event space they should introduce the three titans together rather than separate

It’s not an event…

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New Titan is just a way to reduce the events

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Tomorrow is either Paint Sale / Any Portal.

I’m 100% sure.

I hope portal, maybe

But who doesn’t?

I saw that it states “any portal” for tomorrow.

A gold portals is also possible.

Dammit Cyanine. You ruined my hopes

whattup gee

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@Weedman are you genuinely asking that question in the HTK recruitment or just trolling

Yes i am asking that question i asked in H2K recruitment

how would it be possible for a clan to be toxic

it’s obviously the members

Oh alright then

Makes sense …

Ever think how there will be a “Eternium Plate” that is literally just plat plate but 3 times the HP just so the backfire weapon will no longer have their flaw to have consume HP ?

it’ll only further promote “self harm” to kids

I mean , post reloaded , right after the shredders and armor breaker reworks along with the implementation of the OBVIOUSLY BETTER godmode torso and feet items , previous OP items that people would cry tears of joy getting them like needle blasters and magmablasts were tossed down the trash , would not be a huge suprised if at somewhere in the future, getting valiant snipers is a curse that everyone would get pissed off from

Hi past cringe yoyo,how is you?

Wow this got revived by the creator of this topic