Gatling weapon sound effects

I really hate the sound that the Gatling weapons make in the game. They sound so lame. It would be so satisfying and addictive to rather hear sounds like this… (I love the wind up effect).

  • I agree
  • I like the existing sounds

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Typically no one plays with sounds on. Unless they’re a sociopath or purely crazy.

(I agree sounds are trash but eh)


You must be kidding??

I do turn off the music though.

I am about the Sociopath/Purely Crazy thing. But I don’t know of anyone actually playing with sound on. Tried it myself for a while and damn near went crazy due to it lmao

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i like to play in silence…and yes those sound are miserable…


Sound fully off and make my own sound effects, 100% best way to do it.


@Mr.E see what I mean, Purely Crazy


I actually liked Annihilation’s sound effect.
As for Nightfall…That’s a pretty cheap and muffed sound.
But what annoyed me is not the gatling gun weapons’ sound effect,but rocket weapons’.
That sound is so cheap and annoying.

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The sound is so bloody f****** loud from any rocket weapon. It’s almost like they want you to go deaf playing.

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