GarbAge Is GarbAge

Hello, for now, officialy i will quit the game. as our buddies done before, i totaly lose interested on this Gar*** anymore. Well for the rest of pilots, i just wanna say good luck for being “FUN” further,hahaha…oh, i just bought some packs with my last “Balance”. that’s not much …hmm it was just around 10-11k tokens that i spent, and the result was : 2 Legendaries, Bunch of Gar***

Good Luck, Rico’s Pilot (Retired)


You picked the right choice…good luck…

The best you did, and I think I’ll do it soon…

If I were you I’d change that title to “SM is garbage”… it would make more sense

Yep, the game just causes a sick feeling in the stomach now. But that’s so sad coming from one of the best accounts in the game. I think this is an inevitability for all of us at some point. At least you quit considering there’s no more fun left in the game. I only play probably due to my OCD with upgrading. But I play 10% what I used to. Just a fancy way of twiddling the thumbs now.

See ya pal.