Gamer language...!

Hello people, first a happy new Mech year 2020.

Unfortunately I am not able to speak the gamer language.
Maybe someone can write me what the abbreviations mean … imao, pls. k. i. e. f. ectr … thank you !!


lmao ; laughing my azz off
pls; please

but there is much more.
Tell me a few … moremore

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make me a whole list of translations!
That would be really good.

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Lol: laughing out loud

LMAO: Laughing my ass of(f)

Etc: Et coëtera (latin for “and some other things”)

k.: just a shortening for “Ok.”, usually when people type and send message pretty fast or without paying attention

i.e.: I don’t remember the lengthy version, but I personnaly use it either as “I mean in a more accurate way” or “here is an exemple”

f: depends on context
either it’s it’s coming from a meme, Press "F" to pay respects , and that’s basically “I’m with you”
Or it’s a way to not swear while still thinking it
exemple: f, I started the battle with the wrong mech

Those are what I’m thinking of right now

(oh and usually, “right now” is shortened to “rn”)


I also moved the topic to #off-topic since it’s not really Supermechs-related ^^

ok boomer = an insult to people with opinions, deals 3x DMG against old men lol

tl;dr = too long, didn’t read the rest (used when some guy made an essay you don’t want to read fully)


yes thanks, but there is much more.
Unfortunately I have not made a list of all the abbreviations.
should I make a list beforehand and then someone can translate it for me.

ok . lol

it is strange such a language :Sonnenbrille:

Here is the list


yea…yes I was looking for something.

maybe that will help me.
If not, I’ll be back

1000 thanks:upside_down_face:

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Gamer language? Racial slurs!


you play toxic games to?
oh wait you play SM :smiley: even the devs are toxic


Be sure to avoid using the word “no u” because only normies using that in drama insult,it’s the meaning of like reversed insult or some basic uno copy shit.

“L” is more like fortnite bs but ignore that,it basicly means loser,or just that you take someone an L.

I can do more doe but forgot what are I can speak of.

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reminds me the meaning…? X)

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Basicly people who just like to do the exact same shit just like others but that it’s not funny.
Or either just enjoy normal life.


ok. thanks…

Ngl meaning?

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lmao: lick my a** onii-chan

not gonna lie

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